Dillon Danis cannot deny his responsibility in bringing about this situation. The legal consequences of his actions, involving slut-shaming and defaming Nina Agdal, who is Logan Paul’s fiancé, are undeniably real. If Danis had not targeted the significant other of the YouTuber, there is a strong possibility that the fight scheduled for October 14 would still be taking place. Discover Logan Paul was right all along: Mike Perry To Replace Dillon Danis.

However, Danis chose to engage in online aggression due to a longstanding grudge against both Paul brothers, stemming from one of them being involved with his girlfriend a few years ago. It’s important to note that Nina Agdal had no involvement in the fight, but Danis believed that his status as a public figure gave him the liberty to target her in an attempt to hurt Logan Paul. Unfortunately for Danis, his actions have not yielded the desired results, and he now appears to have withdrawn from the fight.

Adding to the saga, Logan Paul boasted about the multiple lawsuits that have been filed against Dillon Danis during a recent appearance on Jake Paul’s podcast. Both Paul brothers took pride in claiming that they had left Danis financially broken, potentially facing substantial debt that could have dire consequences. Following this, Danis posted several more threatening messages on Twitter.

However, he eventually reached a breaking point and expressed his decision, stating, “Logan bragging about lawsuits again, he isn’t cut out for the fight game. This individual doesn’t deserve to face me. I’m out.” As predicted by Logan Paul, Danis is now set to be sidelined from fighting for an extended period, potentially exceeding four years, nearing five. Nonetheless, the fight scheduled for October 14 will proceed, albeit with a new opponent.

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Mike Perry: The Replacement Fighter

Enter Mike Perry. On paper, Logan Paul might have more reasons to be apprehensive about facing the replacement fighter in Dillon Danis’ absence. That replacement is none other than Mike Perry, a renowned Bare Knuckle Boxing champion. Mike Perry even made a physical appearance on media day for a face-to-face encounter with Logan Paul.

Now that Danis seems to have exited the equation, Mike Perry steps in to take his place. In fact, Perry expressed his eagerness to embrace this challenge, as it was widely anticipated that Danis would withdraw. There is a general lack of trust in Danis’s willingness to step into either a boxing ring or an MMA octagon for a fight. It’s important to clarify that while Danis excels in grappling, he is not primarily known for his striking abilities.