Recent rumors suggest that Luka Modric might find himself playing alongside Lionel Messi at Inter Miami sooner than expected, as uncertainty surrounds the Croatian midfielder’s role at Real Madrid this season. Discover Luka Modric to Inter Miami rumors continues to grow.

Speculation about his potential departure has grown due to his reduced playing time, and some sources even hint at a possible move during the January transfer window, driven by his desire for more minutes and happiness. His substitution at halftime during the loss to Atletico Madrid, along with his last two appearances off the bench, have only fueled these speculations further.

Modric initially opted to stay at Real Madrid, prioritizing his commitment to the team over financial interests. Despite receiving a lucrative offer from Saudi Arabia, he chose to continue competing at the highest level, even though he knew he would have fewer minutes than usual this season at the age of 38, in favor of younger teammates.

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However, after the first month and a half of the season, Modric may have had a change of heart. According to Predrag Mijatovic, a former Real Madrid player and sporting director, the opportunity to join Inter Miami, a team associated with Messi and owned by David Beckham, who shares a close relationship with him, intrigues Modric.

Multiple U.S. Offers for Modric

Mijatovic stated, “He has received offers from various teams in the United States, including this particular one. He had previously received an offer from Saudi Arabia but chose to stay at Madrid. Messi himself has shown personal interest in this possibility. Recently, Modric met with Beckham during a trip to Croatia, where they had lunch.”

The recent interaction between Modric and Beckham, including a shared beach photo during their vacation a little over a month ago, has fueled speculation further. The timing of Modric’s potential departure may be influenced by his participation in the UEFA European Championship next summer with Croatia, which could delay any move until the next season. Additionally, Real Madrid currently faces a shortage of players in their squad, and a hasty departure by the veteran midfielder could prompt them to make a transfer.

In the coming weeks, the future of Modric, who has a reduced role under Carlo Ancelotti, will be closely monitored. Managing the situation with a club legend like Modric can be challenging for the Italian coach. In the meantime, Inter Miami is waiting in the wings.