Man Utd & FC Barcelona send condolence to former manager Louis Van Gaal after ’25 treatment of aggressive prostate cancer’


In an interview with Dutch television, Louis Van Gaal announced that he has an aggressive form of prostate cancer.

Van Gaal is one of the most influential coaches of all time. He has previously led Ajax, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and Manchester United. He is in his third stint as head coach of the Netherlands and chose not to inform the team of the news until now.

Van Gaal was promoting the film Louis, which will be released in theatres later this month. During the interview “You say in that film that you had or have prostate cancer,” presenter Humberto Tan said, with Van replying ‘have’

“Everybody at Manchester United is fully behind our former manager, Louis van Gaal, in his battle against cancer,” the club wrote on social media. “Sending you strength and courage, Louis.”

Moreover, Van Gaal went on to compliment his care, describing how he would visit the hospital in the evenings after training with the national team.

“I received excellent care. You also tell your friends and relatives, but the fact that my family keeps it a secret says a lot about them. “I went to the hospital every night without the players’ knowledge throughout my time as national coach,” he claimed.

Van Gaal revealed that he has already received prostate cancer treatment 25 times. He opted to keep it hidden from his players at first. “I don’t think you tell individuals you work with things like that because it can impact their decisions,” he said.

“I reasoned that they shouldn’t know.” Prostate cancer does not kill you, or at least not in 90% of cases. Other underlying disorders are usually the ones that kill you. However, I had a really aggressive form and had been irradiated 25 times. Then you’ll have to manage a lot of things in order to get through life.”

Wrapping Up!

Life is a roller coaster. Van Gaal went through so much yet kept it hidden and managed alot of things in order to get through life.

Barcelona also shared a heart warming message on social media for him stating that ‘Our thoughts and prayers go out to our former Barça manager Louis van Gaal, who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Stay strong, Louis, and get well soon’. 🙏

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