Contrary to the initial reports, hamstring injury of Lionel Messi appears to be more severe than originally anticipated. The Argentine forward had already missed the match against Bolivia during the international break and returned to Miami with a one-inch-wide muscle tear. Discver Martino worried about Lionel Messi hamstring injury.

Coach Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino permitted Lionel Messi to resume training, but Messi trained separately on Tuesday. Following the training session, ‘Tata’ was expected to reassure concerned fans, but instead, he raised further concerns. It had been previously reported that Messi was experiencing discomfort due to an old injury scar. According to Martino, pushing Messi too hard could potentially reopen this scar, leading to a more serious problem.

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Concerns about Messi’s Old Injury Scar

Martino addressed reporters just before Tuesday’s training session, stating, “Regarding Messi’s situation, it aligns with what we’ve been discussing in recent days. We will assess whether he can train without any risk and evaluate the convenience of him joining the team. His return to team training could occur today or tomorrow (it happened today). The challenge is that we have a match tomorrow. He may participate in today’s warm-up, but his training will be tailored to his current condition. The team will engage in a lighter training session, following their recent routine. Messi is approaching a standard training day, which is why we are closely monitoring his progress on a day-to-day basis.”

Martino also emphasized the potential risk associated with Messi’s old injury scar, located in his hamstring. He added, “The presence of the scar increases the risk of a new muscle tear, potentially leading to a more severe problem. This is a cause for concern, especially considering Messi’s commitment to both his national team and his club. It’s something he acknowledged beforehand, and the club was aware of it, given that we now have 12 call-ups, not just Messi. ‘Tata’ also attempted to provide some reassurance by acknowledging the uncertainty surrounding Messi’s full recovery timeline.