In the recent Qatar Grand Prix, Formula 1 faced extreme heat, leading to concerns about the well-being of the drivers. Max Verstappen expressed his discomfort with the conditions and called for a change in the Qatar Grand Prix timing. Discover Max Verstappen makes two new F1 demands after ‘silly’ Qatar Grand Prix.

The Qatar Grand Prix took place during a hot and humid weekend, resulting in adverse effects on the drivers. Logan Sargeant, a rookie with Williams, had to retire due to severe dehydration, and his teammate Alex Albon required medical attention after the race.

F1 Qatar Grand Prix Reschedule Proposals?

Several drivers struggled with the intense conditions. Esteban Ocon mentioned that he vomited in his helmet after just 15 laps, while Lance Stroll admitted to feeling disoriented during the race.

The challenging circumstances have prompted suggestions that Formula 1 should reschedule the Qatar Grand Prix to a later date, possibly in early October, when the extreme summer heat subsides.

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Formula 1 Driver Max Verstappen Supports Rescheduling

Speaking to Sky Sports after his victory, Max Verstappen acknowledged that although it wasn’t the toughest race he had experienced, the high temperatures made it extremely demanding. He advocated for rescheduling the race to a cooler time of the year, as racing in 40-degree heat with a mandatory three-stop strategy was excessive.

Verstappen also noted that the three-stop strategy, imposed due to safety concerns and limited tire stints to 18 laps, affected his performance. He usually excels at longer stints, and the race conditions didn’t align with his car’s strengths. Nevertheless, he acknowledged the strong performance of McLaren drivers Oscar Piastri and Lando Norris, emphasizing the need to maintain a competitive edge.

In summary, the extreme heat at the Qatar Grand Prix raised concerns about the drivers’ well-being, with Max Verstappen suggesting a rescheduling of the race to a cooler time of the year. The mandatory three-stop strategy and limited tire stints also impacted the race dynamics, but Verstappen acknowledged the strong competition from McLaren.