The Silver Arrows have yet to secure a victory in the 2023 season. Although Red Bull has faced defeat, Ferrari stands as the sole team to challenge the reigning champions this year. Initially dissatisfied with their car’s performance, Team Principal Toto Wolff did not hold back in labeling the season’s opening Bahrain Grand Prix as “one of the worst days in racing.” Discover Mercedes confirm 2024 upgrade plan.

In response to their early struggles, Mercedes took decisive action, abandoning their zero side pods concept. A substantial redesign, introduced during the Monaco Grand Prix, led to significant improvements in the W14’s performance. Despite lagging behind Red Bull, Mercedes managed to surpass Aston Martin earlier in the season. They are now in a close battle with Ferrari for the coveted P2 position, with momentum shifting between the two teams.

In a bid to gain an advantage, both Mercedes and Ferrari have introduced upgrades to their cars. The battle for P2 is to be fierce, possibly coming down to the final race in Abu Dhabi. Ferrari remains relentless, with Charles Leclerc expressing confidence that the Scuderia holds “the upper hand” over the Silver Arrows.


Upgrades with an Eye on 2024

As confirmed by Mercedes through their YouTube channel, they are considering additional upgrades for the W14. Rosie Wait, Head of Strategy, explained that the decision is not straightforward, emphasizing that any upgrades introduced before the season’s end will directly impact the development of the 2024 W15:

“The new components we introduce to the car serve a dual purpose, hopefully adding performance to the current car while targeting areas that require further understanding. The knowledge gained from testing these upgrades this year will directly contribute to the development of the W15.”

Wait also stressed the importance of maintaining focus on their battle with Ferrari for P2: “We mustn’t lose sight of the fact that we are in a fiercely contested battle for P2 with Ferrari, and our position in the championship holds significant importance to all of us. Therefore, we have upgrades in the pipeline and will continue to implement them.”

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Addressing Issues for a Better Future

Trackside Engineering Director Andrew Shovlin disclosed that part of the work on the W15 aims to rectify the “problems” encountered during this season: “We invested a lot of effort in resolving certain issues with this car to ensure they do not recur next year. We have made progress compared to our 2022 car, which often struggled in qualifying but raced better.”

Shovlin further acknowledged that while the team has made improvements, they must find more speed to challenge Red Bull: “We are still lacking in overall performance, particularly in comparison to Red Bull. Additionally, the competition in the field has become incredibly close. In the past, a decent qualifying position might secure fourth or fifth on the grid, but now, it risks elimination in Q1 or Q2.”

Hence, Mercedes confirming 2024 upgrade plan and is committed to addressing these challenges and instilling the drivers with the confidence they currently lack in the car, with ongoing projects aimed at achieving these goals.