Michael Sheen ‘trashes’ Prince William for supporting England at the FIFA World Cup


The FIFA World Cup 2022 is only a couple of days away and it is giving a lot of reasons to be in the news. Just recently, Prince William sent his support to the England Team. This event triggered a lot of Welsh people as he holds the title of Prince of Wales. Even the Welsh actor Michael Sheen took this on his Twitter and slammed the Prince.

Recently, Qatar’s rules regarding ‘appropriate clothing’ made it to the headlines. However, other controversies such as the Ronaldo interview feel as if it’s stealing the World Cup thunder.

Responses on Michael Sheen Tweet

The actor’s remark received supportive responses. A user commented, “He can support England because he is English. He is actually free to lend support to anyone. However, that title is abhorrent; it implies national subjugation and must be changed. He received the title “Prince of Wales” from his father. End it; it literally means nothing else.”

One more wrote: “William should proudly support England because he is an Englishman. There is no issue or resentment with it. He is under no obligation to back Wales, so I don’t need him to. Let William be himself without maintaining the title of Prince of Wales.”

England & Wales to face each other at the World Cup

Sheen considers William’s support of England to be completely insensitive. As he bids farewell to the England team, William said: “You have the support of the entire nation, and we are all rooting for you. Embrace it.”

On Tuesday, 29th November, England, and Wales will face each other at the Al Rayyan Stadium. Probably then the public and fans will be able to determine Prince William’s reaction or support.

Another tweeter stated: “I must admit that I concur. Even though I like him, he can’t ignore his new role. He cannot be parading around in support of a rival in the global competition if he is Prince of Wales. It is shameful.”

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