NBA Top 5 Players: Ranking in NBA Season 2021


Ranking was a collaborative effort with points awarded based on where each of us ranked. From there, the rankings were sorted out from 1 to 30 – but not before some behind-the-scenes negotiations and bickering!

Lets move on to the Rankings for this Season!

5. Nikola Jokic | Denver Nuggets


If there’s anything we should take from Jokic’s path to superstardom, it is that you can’t put a limit on his greatness. No matter how hard anyone tries or what they do he will always find another way of getting the job done and reaching new heights with ease!

4. Stephen Curry | Golden State Warriors


He has been the greatest shooter of all time and is inarguably one of if not the best player in NBA history. He won his second scoring title by averaging a career high 32 points per game, placed third for MVP voting with nearly unlimited potential on Golden State’s shoulders last season – proving he can do anything!

3. Le Bron James | Los Angeles Lakers


Never underestimate the king. He is one of the most valuable players on NBA and Maybe it’s because he is still so close to the memories, but James has been gunning for No. 1 every time this season and I don’t think that will stop with a new supporting cast 2021-22. He surely will bounce back harder as the attitude is to give it All In.

2. Kevin Durant | Brooklyn Nets


He’s been unstoppable the past two seasons, and has a chance to be even better this time around. Entering his age 33 season with decades of experience under his belt-Durant is at the top of his game right now something he put on display during NBA Playoffs when he averaged 34.3 points per night while shooting 51%.

1. Giannis Antetokounmpo | Milwaukee Bucks


Giannis Vergados had a historic performance in the NBA playoffs this year. He edged out Durant and delivered an emotional knockout victory for his team, much like how Giannis’s Milwaukee Bucks beat Brooklyn last season to make it into the Eastern Conference Semifinals where they would go on one of those most dominate displays ever seen by anyone who has watched basketball games before today!

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