NCAA being Slammed by Bob Stoops as he pleads for Major Changes to College Football


Former Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops made an appearance on sports radio station “The Ref” in Oklahoma to discuss the current state of college football.

In his appearance, Stoops had some choice words for the NCAA and their leadership.

“In my opinion, we need a new leadership group. The NCAA and the way it’s been has really failed overall. Who goes by any rules anymore and who gets how they enforce it? It just seems so ambiguous. … I’ve been very disillusioned for a long, long time on the NCAA and through my football years and how they enforce things, or don’t,” Stoops said.

As for proposed changes? Stoops floated some new ideas regarding Power Five schools, and ripped the NCAA for having little enforcement of rules in its current-state.

New League for Power Fives?

“So who knows? Maybe we need to have a new league of Power Five teams that have their own league with a commissioner and/or governing board. You may have to put a salary cap on [each team], but who knows. I’m not living it like these other people are but from afar, it looks like right now nobody has control of anything… and I’m not sure that’s ever good,” Stoops continued.

College football is at an interesting crossroads with the emergence of NIL, the current transfer portal rules and the rampant discussions of late regarding schools tampering for top players in the sport.

College football is in transition, and where it ends up is anybody’s guess as a wild offseason continues.

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