NFL Super Bowl Star Tom Brady’s Top Achievements

After an astonishing 22 year career, The Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady has announced retirement and decided that it’s time to say goodbye. Clearly one of the living legends of NFL, Tom Brady has achieved a whole lot and has been in the news ever since.

The incredible stats of Brady’s career is something to take into account when looking back on it. In just two-plus decades, he has given us many impressive numbers and facts about himself that will never be beaten or broken.

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Tom Brady Early Career Life

He may have been 28 years old, but Brady still led the league in passing yards. He shattered records with his 4 110-yard performances and set a new standard for what can be done at such an advanced age. With this lets have a look onto his early career life statistics as following:


Tom Brady’s Last years of his Career

Brady’s midlife crisis was a lot more fun than he expected! He led the NFL in passing yards during his age 40 season, earning Pro Bowl and First-Team All-Pro nods. And after winning another Super Bowl with New England last year. Although, he was on the last run of his career, he still is the 5 time Super Bowl MVP Award Winner. 

All Time Statistics: Tom Brady 22 Years at NFL in  Nutshell

When Brady retired at the end of his 22-year career, he left with an all time record that was unmatched by any other player. He completed 7263 out 11307 attempts and amassed 84,520 passing yards. While only having 203 interceptions in ordinance land over course may total number 7362 successful passes – a 64% completion percentage.

Exclusive Stats by Tom Brady ranks in:

Tom Brady records are something that everyone is fond of, but there are some of the major attributes in his career that mostly we are unaware of. Lets dig into some of the significant statistics where Tom Brady ranks all time first in:


Post- Season Analysis:


This is a guy who in his 22 NFL seasons has been selected to the Pro Bowl 15 times. He’s three-time 1st Team All Pro and Seven Time Super Bowl Champion which not only makes him one of most successful players ever, but also for some reason leads that franchise over any other with 7 wins.

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