PGA Championship Offers Beer for a “Price of $18” leaving fans in a shock


PGA Championship just started off and The Southern Hills Concession Standmade its way onto social media on Monday, and golf fans couldn’t help but dream of the good old days when a Georgia Peach Ice Cream Sandwich would’ve been enough for them.

On the grounds at Southern Hills, the beers are liquid gold and priced like it. For the hop-minded fan, Michelob Ultra represents the far most egregious menu offense. At the PGA, a single, 24 oz. can retails for the nosebleed price of $18 or $1 more than the cost of an 18-pack of Michelob Ultra at your nearest Target. For $19, fans can upgrade their beer selection to a Stella Artois of a similar size or a Mich Ultra organic hard seltzer.

Bargain shoppers will be excited to learn that for just $15, they too can own a 12-oz. Kona Big Wave or standard cocktail. Step that up to a “signature” or “souvenir” cocktail, however, and the cost returns once again to $19. Wine by the glass likely represents the best bang-for-buck, costing just $13.

High Temperature High Prices!

Hydrate wisely! For those who are afraid they’ll have a bad hangover, it may be wise to plot an alternative hydration strategy before arriving at the course. Bottles of Aquafina — our official water provider for tournaments like this one—run $6 per bottle and there is expected temperature during weekend in Tulsa which will exceed 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27 Celsius).

The cost of a beer at the professional sports game has been on an upwards trend. The same goes for other drinks like cocktails and wine, which can range anywhere from $12-$25 dollars per drink.

Sure, both of the aforementioned venues were located in major media markets (New York and Los Angeles), while this year’s PGA is being contested in Tulsa, Okla. But the point remains: the PGA Championship isn’t as much of an outlier as it appears in the world of professional sports concessions.

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