Premier League Winners 2022: ‘How much £ does the Champion get after an increase in the cash price?’


Every season, English football’s second division clubs strive to reach the spot of Premier League Winners to the promised land. They aren’t motivated because of sporting glory only. Getting into the top echelon also comes with a hefty monetary payoff.

The Championship season, which consists of 46 games, comes to a close on Saturday, May 7th. On Sunday, May 29th, the Championship play-off final will be held at Wembley.

360 Overview of Premier League Champions Financial Gains 

There’s no arguing that a team may make hundreds of millions of pounds by winning the Championship play-off final. Putting a precise value on the game’s worth for Premier League winners on the other hand, can be difficult.

Deloitte, the football finance specialists, calculated that the 2020 iteration. Stated it would generate an additional £130 million in income if the winning team avoided relegation the following season.

The 2022 final is expected to be even more valuable 2 years later. This is due to a minor rise in both domestic and international broadcasting revenue for the 2022/23 season. It is resulting in £176 million in prize money for the Premier League Champions.

Even if the play-off champion does not do well in the Championship. They will still receive a far larger portion of the television money pie than they would in the Play-offs. Over £100 million is set aside for each team apart of Premier League winners. With more to come depending on how many of their games are chosen for live television.

Parachute Payments & Solidarity Payments

Parachute payments are another reason why the Championship play-off final is so valuable. These costs are paid over 3 seasons to a relegated club. Clubs that are demoted from the Premier League are awarded parachute payments to help them cope with the financial losses that come with exiting the top division.

This “allows clubs to invest in their teams, and wider operations, with the knowledge that should they be relegated, they have procedures in place to re-adjust their finances,” according to the EPL

In contrast, Solidarity payments are made when a football player’s contract is still active but he or she is transferred to a different jurisdiction. Transfer fees are paid by clubs, and up to 5% of these fees are set aside for solidarity payments.

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