The New York Jets’ third-year head coach is under mounting pressure to revamp his team’s offense to prevent a fan backlash. Discover Robert Saleh enrages fans with postgame quotes.

On Monday Night Football, the New York Jets hit a new low, suffering a 21-point defeat to the previously 3-4 Los Angeles Chargers, with the offense managing just six points in total.

Quarterback Zach Wilson’s statistics may not appear dreadful, but a significant portion of his yardage and completions occurred when the game was essentially decided. Even during garbage time, he couldn’t lead his offense to a single touchdown, and he also endured eight sacks and lost two fumbles.

Wilson’s Consistent Struggles

This performance from Wilson follows a pattern, as the expectations have been so low that people were content if he simply reduced his turnovers, a feat he had managed over the past month or so. During the postgame press conference, head coach Robert Saleh was asked if this game represented a regression for Wilson.

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Fans interpreted Saleh’s response as an acknowledgment that Wilson’s worst games have been so dire that scoring only six points in a game doesn’t even approach being terrible according to his standards.

While Wilson faced difficulties, the entire offense has appeared dysfunctional for much of the season. The offensive line struggles with pass protection, receivers, with the exception of Garrett Wilson, struggle to get open, and the overall offensive strategy fails to maximize the players’ abilities.

Given that the current Jets offensive coordinator, Nathaniel Hackett, oversaw the Denver Broncos’ league-worst scoring season in terms of points last year, it shouldn’t come as a major surprise. When asked whether the team might contemplate making changes in this regard, Saleh was resolute.

In light of a performance like this and the season teetering on the brink, it would be unwise not to make some adjustments, whether in terms of the offensive strategy, coaching, or personnel. Perhaps the Jets are merely biding their time until the potential return of Aaron Rodgers, which would be an unprecedented development.