Sebastian Vettel reveals his reasons for not winning with Ferrari


Sebastian Vettel has been with the Ferrari for the past six seasons. Although he did not win even a single title but was always close to it. He was previously with Red Bull and even became a four time world champion.

Unfortunately, he did not have the same fate during his time at Scuderia. It is shocking to believe as he was the one who stood up to Lewis Hamilton in his glory days.

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Sebastian Vettel decision to bid farewell

The German is now getting ready to leave. With performances that have put him at the back of the line since joining Aston Martin, he has been unable to reclaim the attention.

This is not his year, and back in July he posted on social media that he had to leave Formula 1 because he wanted to devote himself to his family.

Although it is still not clear whether he wants to stay or leave his career.

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Reason of his announcement

Sebastian Vettel has now discussed the reasons why his success at Ferrari was less than hoped.

“I had a fantastic time at Ferrari. I came close to the title twice, but we failed,” admits Vettel.

“There are reasons why we didn’t win, but I’m calm about it,” he added.

“I spent a lot of time at Ferrari and I have a lot of respect for the team and for everyone there”, the driver said.

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