Shakira ‘steps back’ from the FIFA World Cup performance


With the biggest footballing event, big teams and significant players are going to Qatar. However, some of the star singers rejected to perform at the Qatar World Cup. Among them is the 2010 FIFA theme song star, Shakira.

The whole world will be watching the opening ceremony when the event kicks off on 20th November. Fans want an exciting show however star singers like Dua Lipa, Rod Stewart and now Shakira declined to perform in Qatar.

Why did Shakira reject performing at the World Cup?

According to El programa de Ana Rosa, Shakira takes a step down and does not want to perform at the FIFA World Cup. She changed her mind just a few days ahead of the event.

She had her own personal reasons for not performing. In fact, she was also criticized on her social media for even ‘thinking’ to perform at the World Cup 2022.

“It’s been confirmed to me that Shakira will not perform at the opening ceremony, but they won’t say if she will have another role throughout the World Cup,” Adriana Dorronsoro said on the program.

Why are the star singers ‘not performing’ at the World Cup?

Ever since it was announced that Qatar has won the bid as a host country for the year 2022, controversies started to come into the picture. Although another important reason includes the mistreatment of migrant workers. Along with Qatar not allowing the rights of the LGBTQ community and abusing them.

The star singers do not want to tarnish their images. As performing in Qatar will lead them to a ‘bad image’.

Sophie is a sports broadcaster and journalist for VPN Sports. She has been reporting news on football for over a year now.