Lando Norris has expressed his support for Max Verstappen claim that the Red Bull RB19 is not tailored specifically to one driver’s preferences. Discover Special Max Verstappen treatment theory pulled apart by Lando Norris.

As Max Verstappen continued to dominate with 10 consecutive Grand Prix victories, Toto Wolff of Mercedes suggested that Verstappen’s success, in contrast to Sergio Perez’s performance, stemmed from Red Bull customizing the RB19 for him. Christian Horner and Max Verstappen rejected this notion, with Max Verstappen bluntly dismissing it as “nonsense.” Even Sergio Perez downplayed the idea that the car was designed exclusively for one driver.

Lando Norris, in an exclusive interview with, echoed Max Verstappen’s sentiments by emphasizing that designing a car exclusively for one driver is not a standard practice in Formula 1. He asserted, “It’s not the team’s responsibility to create a car tailored to a single individual.”

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Norris went on to explain that drivers are expected to perform regardless of the car they are given. He shared Max Verstappen’s view that the driver’s job is to excel in any circumstances and that if a driver is slower than their teammates, it’s a clear indication of their performance. In his words, “It’s the driver’s responsibility. That’s why we are here.”

Lando Norris’s Perspective on F1 Team Objectives

According to Norris, the primary focus of an F1 team is to create a car that, based on data and analysis, will be the fastest on the track. It is then up to the drivers to maximize the car’s potential. He says, “A driver’s role is to extract maximum performance from the car. While it’s important to have a car that suits your preferences, drivers are well-compensated to excel under any circumstances, whether the car is to their liking or not.”

Norris emphasized that drivers prioritize speed over comfort, stating that he would choose a challenging but faster car over a comfortable but slower one every time. He reiterated that the team’s primary goal is to build a fast car, and any issues related to comfort or handling can be addressed subsequently.

In essence, Lando Norris supported Max Verstappen’s stance that Formula 1 cars are not custom-designed for individual drivers and emphasized the driver’s responsibility to perform at their best regardless of the car’s characteristics.