Sprint race are likely to be ‘run in slick-tyre conditions’ due to the weather at Interlagos


Predicting the weather at Interlagos is difficult, but early forecasts indicate that rain may play a role in the 2022 Brazilian Grand Prix. The Interlagos Circuit hosted a number of classic wet F1 races. However, another rain-affected race cannot be ruled out.

As the Grand Prix weekend comes nearer the temperatures in Sao Paolo will gradually rise. With highs in the mid-to-high twenties (Celsius) expected. Early forecasts indicate that Friday will be the wettest day, which will add to the significance of the Brazil Grand Prix. Due to the Sprint race format, qualifying will be on Friday, the day with the highest chance of rain.

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Weather at Interlagos

Saturday is currently forecasted to be the driest day of the weekend. This eventually means the second and final practice of the Sprint race will almost certainly be run on slick tyres.

The chances of rain will then rise again on Sunday. WeerOnline.nl currently predicts that rain will fall somewhere between Friday’s (very likely) and Saturday’s (not very likely) predictions. Could this lead to a race with unpredictable weather?

A few fans have grown tired of the delays and uncertainty caused by rain this season. However reactions to these early forecasts are mixed. Still, there’s plenty of time for weather forecasts to change, so it’ll be interesting to see how much if any, rain falls this weekend.

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