Super Bowl 50 Champion – Demaryius Thomas Found Dead at age 33


Thomas was 33 and would have turned 34 on Christmas Day.

The former Denver Broncos wide receiver, Demaryius Thomas was found dead at his home in Georgia on Thursday. Preliminary information from Roswell police indicated that he may have died from a medical issue but further examination will be needed to determine the cause of death.

 What Actually Happened?

The Denver Broncos were so impressed by the play of their star tight end, they drafted him in 2010. Thomas went on to play eight and a half seasons for them – catching 665 passes worth 9k yards along with 60 touchdowns; he also had success playing elsewhere after joining Seattle as part-time player before returning back home where it all started!

Thomas ranks No. 2 in receiving yards and receiving touchdowns on the Broncos’ all-time list, trailing only Rod Smith (11,389; 68).

He had a decorated career in the NFL, with him playing for six different teams. After winning Super Bowl 50 with Denver, he went on to play two and half more seasons before being traded away- first by Houston then New England where it all ended up finishing up at home plate last year when Thomas retired from football officially after 8 years as well!

With a tenured career that spans over 143 games, Thomas was able to catch 724 passes for 9 thousand yards and 63 touchdowns. He is an five times Pro Bowler as well two time second team all pro which makes him deserve entry into broncos ring of fame! 

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