Supermax really reserved for the best players? The Designated Veteran Player Extension — sometimes called the “supermax” extension for short — is a double-edged sword for NBA franchises. 

It’ll allow them a capable device to hold top talent, but at times at the cost of marking a player to a contract their generation might not very live up to.

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With the Boston Celtics having as of late amplified All-NBA forward Jaylen Brown to such a bargain, the wrangle about has entered the Celtics media circle since the begin of the 2023 NBA offseason. With that in intellect, a later article by Heavy’s Steve Bulpett shared the viewpoint of league execs on the supermax, with anxiety being shared by at slightest one mysterious GM.

Supermax really reserved for the best players? Supermax isn’t a guarantee of the result you’re looking for offered the unnamed general manager. Inflated contracts are even harder to move.

In the event that you’re going to call yourself a franchise-level player, which is what I think the supermax number says, you’ve have to be have more than fair putting up numbers they set.

They said.

“The additional penalties in the new CBA should slow the roll of everybody giving out a supermax deal the first time a guy qualifies. Just because a guy qualifies for it doesn’t necessarily make him entitled to it.”

Inside that framework, they have a point. But how NBA rules are aiming vs. how they play out are two diverse things.