The Tennessee Titans find themselves in a non-contending position this season, sitting at 3-5 and occupying the last spot in the AFC South. Mike Vrabel’s team, at its current performance level, appears to be, at best, slightly below average with half of the season still ahead.

In spite of this, Tennessee Titans fans have had a glimmer of hope in recent weeks, and the primary reason for this optimism is the emergence of Will Levis. The rookie quarterback has filled in for the injured Ryan Tannehill and has showcased his brilliance in several instances over the course of two games.

While questions loomed about whether Vrabel would revert to the veteran Tannehill, who has been the Titans’ starting quarterback for the past five years, following Tannehill’s recovery after a three-to-four week absence, it has now been decided that Levis will lead the Titans for the remainder of the 2023 season.

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Vrabel’s Historical Preference for Experience

Throughout his tenure with Tennessee, Vrabel has consistently favored experienced players over rookies when possible. However, Levis’ impressive performance in his first two NFL starts, coupled with the Titans’ underwhelming team performance this season, made the decision rather straightforward.

The Titans are now tasked with determining if Levis is their long-term franchise quarterback. Tannehill’s contract is set to expire after this season, and Malik Willis, a third-round pick in 2022, has not displayed competent quarterback play. In contrast, Levis has shown promise, leaving people to wonder why he slipped to the 33rd overall pick in the last draft.

Yet, it’s essential to remember that a two-game sample size is relatively small, and the team’s front office needs to ascertain with certainty whether Levis is the cornerstone to build around in the upcoming offseason. If Levis continues to perform at a high level, the Titans can direct their full focus in 2024 toward providing him with the necessary support to thrive.