The Pakistan vs India Match leads to a public conflict in Leicester


After India’s win in the Asia’s cup 2022 match against Pakistan. Reports stated that Hindu youth groups marched and chanted “Pakistan Murdabad” (death to Pakistan). The clashes due to a Pakistan vs India Match has become common again. Leicester City also became a part of this on going rivalry.

This is happening in the city for the past three weeks. Hindu and Muslim riots in the city resulted in over 47 arrests and made headlines in the UK, India, and Pakistan.

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Why did the Pakistan vs India Match triggered the event?

For as long as one can remember, there has always been a constant conflict between the two countries. When it comes to Pakistan vs India Cricket Match, fans from both the countries shows full support. Although sometimes the supporters get out of control which eventually results in problems among people.

Hindu social media organizations then posted videos of armed men destroying people and property in Hindu-majority communities social media sites. The same organizations then began spreading the idea that Muslim gangs were preying on Hindus and that as a result, community members needed to mobilize to defend Hindu homes.

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Clashes in Leicester

Soon after, gangs of young Hindu men and women in masks and weapons came to the streets to “defend” other Hindus. Both groups believed that their religious organizations and followers were in danger as a result of rumors.

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This triggered a series of increasing protests, leading religious youth from throughout the nation to go to Leicester and join the protests. As a result, the two parties started fighting violently throughout the city, forcing Leicester Police to rush in and stop them.

The Indian High Commission to the UK released a forceful statement criticizing the “violence perpetrated against the Indian community” and the “vandalization of premises and symbols of Hindu religion” after learning of the violent incidents.

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