Top 5 Moments for Sergio Aguero in his Football Career


Sergio Aguero, the Manchester City maestro who moved to Catalonian Club, Barcelona on a free transfer in the summer transfer window, played a game against Alaves where he felt some cloggy pain in his chest and subliminal dizziness. Soon after that the striker was given medical attention to treat the pain instantly and make sure he is doing fine.

#5 – The Debut at Manchester City

His introduction couldn’t have gone any better. The moment he entered the pitch the audience were on their feet where they were witnessing the best striker to emerge in Premier League. Aguero played swiftly and made many attempts putting up the other side into immense pressure.

He played like he has been practicing with the club for years, the mentality, the understanding of the positions and making room was things that made the audience go on their feet many at times in a single match.

It was a Impeccable performance; with 1/3 of the time of a Match, Aguero had put the Premier League on notice.

#4  Premier League Record Breaking Performance

A Regular Match against Aston Villa was the opportunity for Kun to break the All time foreigner top scorer Thierry Henry’s record.  As sweet as it sounds, Aguero made it look so easy as he leveled Henry total with a stunner from the edge of the box and making it first one for him. Later that night, Kevin De Bruyne typical inch perfect passes made it even easier for the striker to cut the ball inside and bagging the second goal under his name and making the record set.

Clearly this was the day he was waiting for making it a historical moment in the world most competitive league of all times.

Adding to the same game night, he continued to score another goal for Manchester City making it a hattrick for the night.

# 3 Manchester City All Time Record Scorer

Manchester City was one of the most strongest teams adding up Sergio made them even stronger and lethal in terms of scoring quick goals. Aguero being in his 264th appearance for City, he was on a roll by scoring 178 goals till date. In a match with Napoli in Champions League, Aguero showed his master class and scored the winning goal as the match was going 2-2 for both sides.

With that goal, Aguero in disguise broke the all time Manchester City star Erik Brook’s record of scoring highest number of goals for the club.

# 2 Newcastle vs Manchester City – 5 Goals Haul

Manchester City in a race to win the title in 2015, the prime where Aguero made his impact on the team and on opposition players as well. He was a born goal scorer and as the critics says that he was the best strike in premier league history without any doubts. With Newcastle, he blew away the team with scoring 5 Goals in a span of 20 mins where he was everywhere on the pitch.

The best individual performances in Premier League was not so hard for the audience to find after Kun showed his skills against Newcastle.

#1 Aguero Stoppage Time Goal to Win the Premier League

The greatest moment not only for Sergio Aguero but in the history of Premier League was when Kun scored a last minute goal to get the title for Manchester City. The club who didn’t won a top division league in 44 years were desperate to win this one and guess what, Sergio made it happen for them. Last minute pass by Mario Balotelli was a crucial one where the ball was with Aguero and that was the moment.

That was the moment where the legend of Sergio Aguero was born, when the ball hit the back of the net and Etihad exploded. When the full-time whistle blew, a banner was paraded onto the pitch: “Not in my lifetime,” it read. Those are the moments Aguero provided us with: things never dared to believe in.

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It was one of the best feelings whenever Kun scored. Not Anymore. Good Bye Fella! You will be remembered.  


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