Top goal scorer prediction ‘signals’ that Ronaldo and Portugal will win


As the world’s biggest footballing event is almost here, the fans are talking about the ‘win predictions’ already. The FIFA World Cup will kick off on 20th November. However, a ‘curious prediction’ which declares the winner according to the Top goal scorer of the European championship ahead of the World Cup.

However, this time it is signaling a win for Ronaldo and Portugal. It’s only about time to see the players and team performance after their star player’s controversial interview.

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The Top goal scorer prediction

During the 2010, 2014 and even in 2018 this prediction came to be pretty much true. The question is will it again work at the 2022 World Cup? It happened in the past with David Villa, Mario Gomez, Antoine Griezmann, and now the chances are it will happen with Cristiano Ronaldo.

After scoring five goals at Euro 2008, the Asturian David Villa won the World Cup in 2010. Mario Gomez then scored three goals at Euro 2012 and went on to win the 2014 World Cup. And finally, Griezmann won the world championship in 2018 after scoring six goals at Euro 2016.

The numbers this year seem to be in favor of Ronaldo. There are always several predictions when it comes to the FIFA World Cup which also includes the famous ‘animal prediction’. However, only the time and performance will tell about the actual winner.

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