Tyler Higbee contract alters by $4.75M for more Cap Space


The Los Angles Rams has one of the most prestigious offices when it comes to managing their salary cap. The NFL 2022 season has started and Tyler Higbee returned on the field with a knee injury.

When the Rams sign players with huge contracts, the football world is often shocked. Hence leaving many wondering as to how they manage to stay under the salary cap.

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Why did Tyler Higbee contract restructured?

The Rams were slightly over the salary cap by less than $1 million. They made one decision that provided a lot of space as they needed to be under the cap by Tuesday afternoon.

The Rams altered Tyler Higbee contract as by converting $4.75 million of his base salary into a signing bonus. Apart from that, they added three void years to expand the money. Eventually increasing a total of $3.8 million in cap space this season.

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What’s the point of this move?

The Rams will have around $3.1 million in available salary cap space after the deal is completed.
This additional money does not imply that a signing or trade will happen soon. Changing Higbee’s contract was an easy method for the Rams to meet their cap requirements for today.

However, the team may be able to eventually sign Odell Beckham Jr. with this extra cap room. They didn’t want to spend the entire season close to the cap, so they now have some extra flexibility.

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