When Manchester United acquired Andre Onana from Inter Milan, they believed they were making a significant upgrade over the declining David De Gea. They invested heavily, making it the fourth-most expensive goalkeeper transfer in history to bring the Cameroonian to the club. Onana had played a crucial role in helping Inter reach the 2023 Champions League final. Discover Andre Onana makes another mistake, gives up 4 goals to Bayern Munich and Manchester United fans are not happy.

However, Onana’s time at Manchester United, spanning six games, has been marked by disappointments. In a crucial Champions League group stage match against Bayern Munich, Onana made a glaring error during what should have been a routine save. This blunder led to Bayern scoring the opening goal in the 27th minute, and they went on to score three more, ultimately winning the game 4-3. With these four goals conceded, Onana’s total goals conceded for Manchester United now stands at 14 in just six games.

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Manchester United’s defense has also been leaking goals, allowing three or more in their last three matches across all competitions. This is a stark contrast to their defensive performance last season, where they tied for the third-best defense in the Premier League.


The Path Forward for Andre Onana and Manchester United

While Onana is not solely responsible for all the goals, this recent mistake highlights a noticeable dip in his confidence, something he never seemed to lack during his time in Milan. Criticism from opposing fans has been swift, adding to his growing list of errors at Manchester United.

To give credit to Onana, this setback doesn’t signal the end of his career, and he will have ample opportunities to bounce back and demonstrate his capabilities. In a surprising move, Onana took responsibility for his mistake and requested an interview after the Bayern game. He acknowledged that he had let his team down and recognized the need to prove himself, especially given his less-than-ideal start at Manchester United.

Regardless of Wednesday’s performance, Onana and Manchester United must regroup and focus as they have two Premier League matches, one EFL Cup game, and the second Champions League fixture approaching in the next two weeks.