UEFA Champions League Round of 16 Draw Results


UEFA Round of 16 results are here and as we predicted that there is going to be a big match like always. Before opening up the results, lets go back to know how the draw works.  The eight group winners are seeded and the eight runners-up are unseeded. Teams from the same region cannot be drawn against each other, also adding up the clubs from the same league as well (such as the Premier League or La Liga) also cannot be drawn together.




Its Messi vs Ronaldo once again. The rivalry begins once again as the both megastars of football comes head to head. Call it luck for the football fans or a destiny for one to be the greatest in Champion League History. All in all, Football fans must be proud of what they are going to witnessed in a new year of 2022.

Important Notice:

First time in history the UCL Draw will be take place again due to technical problems at the ceremony.

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