Alexa Grasso is facing an extended period of recovery after undergoing surgery on her right hand. The UFC flyweight world champion sustained a fracture during her last bout against Valentina Shevchenko on September 16. Surprisingly, Grasso initially didn’t realize the severity of her injury, but persistent pain prompted medical intervention. Discover UFC champion Alexa Grasso undergoes surprise surgery.

Taking to Instagram, she disclosed, “In the fight I fractured my hand.” Grasso expressed gratitude to Doctors Arroyo and Zarate, whose successful surgery she credits. While the recovery process unfolds, she is confident in her health and eagerly anticipates a future trilogy fight.

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The recent Grasso vs. Shevchenko bout was marred by controversy following UFC president Dana White’s assertion that one of the judges had made an incorrect scorecard assessment. Although Grasso retained her flyweight title, there was widespread bewilderment over the 10-8 fifth round score given by one of the judges to Shevchenko. Intriguingly, Shevchenko, from Kyrgyzstan, also had to undergo hand surgery post-fight.

The anticipated trilogy clash between the two fighters will likely have to wait until their full recoveries in 2024. During this interim period, fans eagerly await the resolution of one of UFC’s most prominent rivalries. Grasso, meanwhile, will focus on her hand’s recuperation with a cast before embarking on rehabilitation.