UK Championship: Jimmy White qualifies after 12 years, claims to ‘do some damage’


Jimmy White advanced to the final stages of the UK Championship for the first time since 2010 and feels he “can do some damage” there.

Prior to qualifying for the UK Championship, White had a challenging season. He defeated Victor Sarkis and Mitchell Man 6-0 before rallying to defeat Stephen Maguire 6-4. Then, he defeated Dominic Dale 6-1 to secure his spot in York, where his first match will be against Ryan Day.

“I’m very excited but I’m also experienced enough to realize that it’s only another match,” White told Eurosport. “You’re only as good as your next match. “I wouldn’t play the game if I couldn’t win. I know I can win. When you get to my age, realistically, you’re not that consistent”.

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Jimmy White is the Oldest Qualifier

The Whirlwind qualified for the competition at the age of 63. Eventually making him the event’s oldest qualifier. White disclosed how he has improved his game’s consistency and how much he still loves playing snooker.

White has been a professional snooker player for more than two-thirds of his life and is beloved by the audience. After considering his own future when Stephen Hendry retired in 2012, he feels that his years of practice and enjoyment of the game are paying off despite his advanced age.

Even the former world champion Neil Robertson appreciated Jimmy White for his selection.

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