Verstappen takes another victory at the Italian Grand Prix 2022


Max Verstappen claims his fifth straight victory in the Italian Grand Prix 2022. As he now continues to close in his second successive world drivers championship title.

Even before starting in the P7, The Dutch continued his strong form in the race by easily dismissing the drivers in front of him on the starting row.

He became the ninth racer in the Formula 1 history to consecutively win for the fifth time. alongside previous greats such as Nigel Mansell, Michael Schumacher and Alberto Ascari.

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Max Verstappen outstanding victory

After Verstappen four amazing victories and a journey towards Italian Grand Prix, it was no surprise. Despite his engine penalty he took another win and became a legend in the Formula world.

The flying Dutchman moved up into third place after just two laps at Monza. Later then passed George Russell of Mercedes to put huge pressure on champion rival Charles Leclerc and his Ferrari squad.

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Sainz and Hamilton grid-place penalties

The penalties which were applied in the Italian Grand Prix made both Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz and Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton move to the back of the grid in order to change engine parts.

Many believed that the two would use damage-limitation strategies as a result. Although as a result both of them managed to finish highly in the points, taking P4 and P5, respectively.

Alex Albon was unable to take part in the race due to his health. Hence, De Vries was replaced with him and he made his debut in the Italian Grand Prix 2022.

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