Wayne Rooney responds to Ronaldo ‘jealous’ accusation to which fans think he’s making fun of his six packs


Despite a few stand-out moments, the former England captain Wayne Rooney acknowledged Ronaldo’s homecoming to Old Trafford had not gone as planned earlier this week. Rooney went on to say that the Manchester United player is now too old for the club.

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Ronaldo responded to a photo on social media from Rooney’s appearance on Night Football. He answered by accusing him of being “jealous” of him. To which the Derby manager said that this is probably the case for nearly everyone in the game.

“There’s probably not a football player on the planet that isn’t jealous of Cristiano,” said Rooney

Cristiano Ronaldo’s answer to Wayne Rooney’s criticism of the forward, who accused the former England captain of being “jealous” of him, has made Rooney laugh.

Wayne Rooney has dismissed Cristiano Ronaldo’s retaliation to criticism of his former Manchester United team-mate. Questioning who wouldn’t be envious of his “six pack”.

“His career, the trophies he’s won, the money he’s made, the six-pack, and his physique. I believe that every player, with the exception of Lionel Messi, is envious of Cristiano.”

Earlier Rooney was blunt, stating that the club needed to focus on “younger, hungry players”. And that he does not give more than goals.

Erik Ten Hag? Wrong Choice

Despite the fact that Ronaldo is United’s top scorer this season. Rooney retains the club’s all-time scoring record and he has also spoken out against claims that Ajax head coach. Erik ten Hag is close to becoming the club’s new manager, saying he is the wrong choice.

Given his experience with Tottenham Hotspur, the former striker believes Mauricio Pochettino of Paris Saint-Germain would be a superior choice.

“I believe Pochettino has done it in the Premier League, and he is familiar with the Premier League,” Rooney stated.

Fans Feedback!

The reaction of fans was very deranged. The fan following of Cristiano Ronaldo is huge, supporters from all around the world felt humiliated to how Wayne Rooney not only criticized Ronaldo before but how he responded back later too.

They believe the way how Wayne responded back, he was making fun of the football goat which is really not acceptable for them. Fans are backlashing Wayne Rooney on social media by stating that the former player has always been against the great CR7.

The situation is not in a very good swing now. Tell us what’s your opinion on this matter

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