Season End 2021: What Happens to F1 Cars After the Season Ends?


Formula 1 Season had ended with a lot of grudges controversies, but this stays apart as the fans are interested in the cars that will come down in the market.

With 22 Races, 262 Days and One Champion of the World, the 2021 season has gone back to bed as Max Verstappen holds the title for the very first time having the honor of being the first Dutchmen to win it against 10 other F1 giants. 

So lets get along to find out where does an F1 car goes after the season ends!


Donation to the Museum!

Once the season concludes, every team except manufacturers Alpine/Renault, Ferrari and Mercedes must return their engines, gearbox and other parts they’ve leased for the season to their suppliers. With these things happening, the model finds a new life in a museum between the fans showing immense craze for these beauties.

Test Runs – Pre Demonstration before Finalizing

The cars used in F1 are unique and can be seen all around the world. Some teams keep a handful of them for demo runs, but before that they’re usually updated with new liveries to match their current team’s colors.

Ahead of the first Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Red Bull took the 2012 RB8 for a spin around the streets of Jeddah and in 2016, Max Verstappen drove the RB7 down a specially-designed ski slope in Kitzbuhel, Austria complete with studded Pirelli tires and snow chains.



What are the odds of Max Verstappen receiving a new Red Bull car from his team? Well, there have been several teams that gifted their championship-winning cars to drivers in recent years.

Benetton gave Michael Schumacher his 1994 and 1995 Ferraris which are now on display just outside of hometown Cologne while Fernando Alonso had two title winning 2006 F1 vehicles showcased at museum near Madrid alongside an interactive go kart track set up next door!

Joking that he couldn’t fit it all into one living room space Charles Leclerc also donate Digi Donatesified vehicle despite being best friends with Button whom they sued for defamation after losing BahrainGP2 GW19 aboard Mercedes S4 during Sunday race today.

Now  you know what happens to an F1 cars after the season ends!! 

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