What’s Inside the $5 Billion SoFi Stadium?


Built on the site of a racetrack, SoFi is not only home to sports and entertainment but also provides an outdoor space for fans. The stadium offers great amenities with its proximity – just 3 miles from Los Angeles International Airport. Find out What’s inside the $5 Billion SoFi Stadium? 

  • SoFi Stadium Evaluation is lauded to be of $5 Billion Dollar in evaluation which was funded by Stan Cronkite, the owner of Los Angeles Rams. It is the most expensive and technologically advanced sports arenas in the world.
  • It has 6000 Acres of Seat Performance Area with a 2.5 Acre Plaza inclusive. Additionally, for the fans there has been a community park induced in it of about 25 acres with 5.5 acres of Lake side view for the viewers to feel home.

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  • The game day holds up to 72,000 person seating capacity which makes it the third largest stadium in terms of capacity after Coliseum 77000 seats and Rose bowl 92000 seats making it the largest in terms of attendance. 
  • Moreover, the stadium is operated via Top Spec Technology brining in security for the visitors and safety from any mishap during the matches.
  • Also to add Luxurious Events Suites and Fine Dinning is to die for at SoFi with Impeccable Amenities onboard.

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Whats so Unique about SoFi Stadium?

The technology is so advanced that every aspect of a experience is fulfilled. The best part for a normal viewer in the stands is their 360 degree Video Board. This is known to be the largest video board for any sport venue comprising of 120×75 Yards in measurement. This video board is 20% longer and 50% wider then any other regulation field.


  • The Video Board is built within the specs of 80 Million Pixel 4K Oculus Double- Sided Display which makes it a real life experience for the viewers far from the sweet spots in the arena.
  • Also being located near to the Lax Airport, there were many Strict Height Restriction which made it difficult for the ground levels to be 30 meters below the ground from playing field actually.

Amazing Facts Super Bowl 2022 Location – SoFi Stadium

  • When at initial stages, the due diligence process took the team 6 months to finalize and map the infrastructure.
  • More than 5 Million Cubic Meters of Dirt was evacuated from the land to build the SoFi Stadium.


  • The Sleek Roof is to be measured by 60×60 Sliding Vents which can be opened for good weatherly conditions. Also to maintain airflow and light issues, these vents are installed with ventilation panels to make sure there is no viewer accusing about the experience. 
  • Furthermore, the stadium is partially Earthquake Prone, which makes it stronger stand alone ground as the pillars are infused with Insulators to grab all the pressure and also it can be flexed or moved in way to maintain maximum grip on the ground. 


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