Why Antonio Brown Was Suspended But Aaron Rodgers Survives


As news broke that Antonio Brown had been suspended three games for misrepresenting his vaccination status, it left people wondering why Aaron Rodgers did not face the same fate.

Last month Buccaneers wide receiver was accused of showing in tempered vaccination card in an attempt to pass through to NFL safety protocols.

As per the announcement made by NFL, “Tampa Bay’s Antonio Brown and Mike Edwards have each been suspended without pay for the next three games,” “Free agent John Franklin III, if signed by a club, is also ineligible to play in the next three games. All three players have accepted the discipline and waived their right of appeal. The suspensions are effective immediately.”

Also from Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers tested positive for Covid-19,but during the off season and had said this in a press conference.

Aaron said:  “It’s frustrating when I’m told that some of the rules are not based in science. They’re just designed to shame people, like needing to wear a mask at your podium while everyone else is vaccinated and wearing one doesn’t make sense. ”

Adding to this, he said “I have followed every single protocol to a T, minus the one I just mentioned, which makes absolutely no sense to me.”

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