Will the drivers have new cars for the 2022 Saudi Grand Prix?


The night is set for the race at Jeddah Corniche Circuit for the 2nd time in 4 rounds in 2022 on 27th March for Saudi Grand Prix.

New technical changes in the circuit, cars, and tires are required for the season. Changes are to make the race more entertaining for the audience.

‘The Bahrain Grand Prix was an excellent start to the new age of Formula 1 cars. But work is still being done to better understand and improve the racing spectacle in the future’ -Brawn Ross

Safety car rules 2022

In addition, following the controversial restart that marred last year’s season finale, Formula1 has made a modest change to its Safety Car rules for the 2022 season.

Previously, the rules stipulated that the Safety Car would return to the pits after the last lapped car had passed the leader. After drivers have rejoined the lead lap, the modification should allow Safety Car stints to end faster.

Is it likely for AMR22 to receive new parts at the 2022 Saudi Grand Prix?

At this weekend’s Saudi Grand Prix, for example, the AMR22 is likely to receive new parts. Changes include, adjustments to the side pod inlets, forward strake on the floor, and halo winglets.

Dave Robson, Head of Vehicle Performance stated: The second race is an opportunity to see the 2022 vehicles on a new style of track. The FW44 will face additional obstacles in Jeddah due to the nature of the curves and long straights.

Aston Martin had a terrible start to the Formula 1 season in Bahrain Grand Prix. The company was already working on key development items before that too, raising the chances that the AMR22 will undergo one of the most substantial modifications this season. According to one rumour, Aston Martin may introduce a completely new sidepod and floor design for the second half of the year in order to maximize performance in the new ground-effect era.

Wrapping Up!

The only purpose for the alterations ahead of the Saudi Grand Prix is to improve race conditions. The new features will help to excite racers and make the race more exciting for spectators.
Prepare for the most exciting race of the season on Sunday, 27th March at the Jeddah Circuit.

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