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If you are an avid football fan and religiously follow championships all year round, then watching Serie A live must be another league right up your alley. Calming your sporty nerves while watching your favorite teams battle it out on the ground is a stress-inducing experience. With Serie A’s enthusiastic matches, you will be sitting at the edge of your seat throughout. 

Serie A is considered among the top football leagues globally, and according to the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS), it was the world’s strongest national league in 2020 and is placed 3rd in European Leagues.

Serie A is a round-robin competition among the Italian league system’s top football clubs. The league starts in August and ends in May, during which all teams play against one another twice, making the total number of matches played by each team to be around 38. The top four teams of the tournament get a chance to qualify directly to the UEFA Champions League. While the bottom 3 are relegated to Serie B.

How to Watch Serie A Live Online from Anywhere?

Following international leagues can be a hassle because there are geographical limitations for numerous countries, and the official channels are not broadcasted in every country. Only a handful of them stream live matches. 

A great fix for this issue is to have a VPN (Virtual Private Network) in place. Utilizing it to stream league matches when there is no other way is the best option. A VPN enables you to circumvent the conventional digital boundaries by altering your IP address, allowing you to view your favorite TV channels no matter where you are in the world.

Using a VPN is simple compared to looking for sources on the internet and failing to find any relevant ones. The channel limitations are an unnecessary obstacle, and you can say goodbye to any restrictions by getting a VPN. VPNs can function on any of your devices, and you can virtually travel to any country you want by changing the IP address to stream Serie A live matches. 

You can bypass the official broadcasting channels such as ESPN, Sky Sport, BT Sport, and others through VPN to watch Serie A matches on your devices from anywhere. 

Follow the steps below to ensure an exciting match day using VPN: 

  • Purchase a reliable VPN service 
  • Connect to a Europe of US-based servers. You can connect to other servers such as India or Germany as long as they offer official broadcasting of the matches.  
  • Sign in to the website or streaming platform of your choice and enjoy your Serie A matches without an issue. 
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How to Watch Serie A Live 2022 Without Cable? 

Missing out on Serie A matches is indeed not an option. Each match is more fun-filled and exciting than the previous one and not being able to watch them is unfortunate. However, you should not worry if you don’t have a cable connection; we have a list of platforms that stream Serie A matches which you can enjoy with your family or friends over some snacks. 

Without a cable connection, you can stream Serie A live on the following platforms: 

YouTube TV

By getting a YouTube TV subscription, you get about 85 channels at your disposal, out of which many are sports-related. You have access to ESPN, CBS Sports, ESPN 2, and others. You can easily stream Serie A on YouTube by getting a subscription which is $64.99/month. 

YouTube TV is accessible through various platforms such as Android and IOS on mobile phones and other devices. It is also available on a number of streaming devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Nvidia Shield TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, etc. 

Sling TV

Sling Orange and Blue subscription packages are a great deal for sports lovers. Each package has its designated channels and if you are a die-hard sports fan, then getting the third package which is a combination of the original two, will offer you most of the channels to stream the favorite games live. 

The subscription price for Sling Orange and blue is $35/ month, while you can signup for both for $50/month. The prices are comparatively cheaper than the competitors, but the channel options are also limited. 

Hulu TV

More than 85 channels are included with the Hulu + Live TV $70/month basic plan, and it allows you to watch a wide variety of live sporting events. Hulu + Live TV includes 50 hours of DVR storage, allowing you to record a game while streaming another. Furthermore, if you prefer to watch separate channels or keep tabs on the other game, you may stream the channels on two screens simultaneously.

You will have access to ESPN, ESPN 2, CBS Sports, BTN, and other sports channels, so chances of you missing out on any major sporting events are very slim. 

Where to Watch Serie A Live Games in the US?

Being a football fan and living in the USA gives you a plethora of options to stream the Series A matches on. ESPN is the official broadcasting channel in the US, and you won’t have to do anything if you have a cable connection. Considering you don’t have cable access, there are many platforms for you to stream on. Getting a monthly subscription to the platforms such as Hulu Live TV, FuboTV, Sling Tv, Paramount Plus, etc., can serve to be your best friends during the sporting season. 

You can access channels like ESPN, CBS Sports, BT Sport, BTN, and others to ensure quality match streaming using the platforms mentioned above at affordable subscription prices.

  • Get a Compatible VPN Provider
  • Connect to the US server
  • Stream Serie A games live online on ESPN seamlessly.
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Where to Watch Serie A Live Matches in the UK 

Serie A has successfully relocated to the United Kingdom. For the upcoming three seasons, BT Sport has gotten exclusive streaming licensing to the premier Italian leagues, which means that about 200 games of elite Italian football will be officially accessible to stream on BT Sport till 2024.

If you have BT sports or internet, you may choose from a variety of bundles. If you only want to watch BT Sport, you can get a monthly subscription for £25. This is a recurring deal with no advance payment that gives you access to all five BT Sports stations for thirty days. This implies you’ll get coverage to events such as the UEFA Champions League, English Premier Leagues, and Europa Leagues, among others.

Follow the steps below to access Serie A games live online instantly:

  • Get a VPN Provider
  • Connect to the UK server
  • Start Watching your favorite Serie A Matches live on BT Sports
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Where to Watch Serie A Live Online in Australia

Watching Serie A Live Online is now easier than ever in Australia. Unlike before, the Australian audience doesn’t necessarily have to rely on Free-to-air TV as today they have the availability of a number of streaming services. 

beIN Sports is the exclusive presenter of the Italian Serie A in Australia, and the network will show several live games from every round of the competition throughout. Depending on your location, you can watch these Serie A games on beIN Sports by using sports streaming services such as Foxtel, Foxtel Now, Kayo Sports, and Telstra.

Where to Watch Serie A Live Stream in Canada

Canadian football fanatics can watch Serie A on FuboTV as it is the official broadcaster for the league in Canada. Initially, the broadcaster streamed 5 games per week, but the number is expected to grow because the tournament is in its second stage. With just an affordable subscription fee of 64.99CAD/ month, you can get access to FuboTV Sports Network (FSN) and enjoy the live match with your friends and family. 

How to watch Serie A Live Online on Roku? 

Roku is a type of electronic streaming media device that delivers content from a number of services and distributors via downloaded channels. Roku TVs and Roku streaming devices have evolved to become a solution for all of your soccer streaming interests, and they are becoming more popular because of their accessibility.

If you are using Roku, you will have most of the streaming platforms such as FuboTV, Sling TV, Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, and many other sports channels such as ESPN and ESPN2You just have to pay for your Roku device once and get all the access to different platforms and channels within it. Roku is clearly a one-stop shop when it comes to having streaming choices for entertainment. 

Roku devices start from $29.99 and go all the way up to $99.99, depending on the type of device you are purchasing. 

How to Watch Serie A Live 2022 Instantly on Firestick?

Amazon Firestick is a streaming device that brings a variety of entertainment and sports channels to your disposal. It is similar to the Roku device where you can stream channels according to your likings. 

You will have the option to stream services such as FuboTV, Sling TV, Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, and Paramount for watching Serie A matches. All Amazon Prime users have pre-registered Firesticks which they can easily get

Serie A Live: Official Broadcaster Channel List 




Sky Sports


beIN Sports

United States

BT Sport



New Zealand

Spark Sport








beIN Sports





Why do you need a VPN? 

Imagine you want a method for causing it to appear as though you are in a similar country. Imagine a scenario where your organization traffic could be steered through a server in that country. Then, at that point, the telecaster would think you are in the nation and they would unblock their stream.

That is how a VPN can help you. Whenever you interface with a VPN, you can pick the country your organization traffic goes through. Then, at that point, you can watch what you need, from whom you need, any place you are.

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How to Setup Serie A Live Streaming VPN?

Choose the best VPN provider from the list and download the app of the selected provider. Once you have signed up:

Step 1: Enter your credentials.

Step 2: Connect the server of your desired location where match is broadcaster.

Step 3: Enjoy the live action.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How many teams are in Serie A?

According to the history of Serie A, there were initially 16 or 18 clubs but since 2004, the top 20 clubs take part in the competition to prove to be the best and get a chance to qualify to the UEFA Champions League. 

Which team has won Serie A the most? 

Juventus FC has won the most Serie A championships. The Turin-based club won a total of 36 titles over its history. FC Internazionale Milano came in second place in the list, having won 19 titles in the process.

Which team is at the top in Serie A in 2022? 

Milan is ruling the points table with 19 wins and only 4 losses. They have 63 points as of now. Napoli stands second with 18 wins and Internazionale is at the 3rd position with 17 wins. The team with the most wins in history, Juventus is in the 4th position with 16 wins.