Heracles Almelo stands as a beacon of footballing excellence in the Netherlands. Founded in 1903, this club has woven itself into the fabric of Dutch football, showcasing a blend of talent, determination, and community spirit. The journey of Heracles Almelo is one of passion, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to the beautiful game.

Heracles Almelo Team Squad & Net Worth

Heracles Almelo Team, a renowned name in Dutch football, boasts a squad that is a blend of seasoned professionals and budding talents. Recognizing the curiosity of fans and football enthusiasts worldwide, we’ve compiled a comprehensive table below. This table provides an in-depth look at the current squad of Heracles Almelo, detailing each player’s position and their respective Net Worth.

Whether you’re a die-hard supporter or someone keen on understanding the financial landscape of football players, this breakdown offers valuable insights into the team’s composition and the economic stature of its players. Dive in to explore the prowess and worth of each member of this esteemed team.

PlayerPositionNet worth (€m)
Michael BrouwerGoalkeeper0.55
Fabian de KeijzerGoalkeeper0.7
Robin JalvingGoalkeeper0.05
Justin HoogmaCentre-back1.2
Ruben RooskenCentre-back0.5
Sven SonnenbergCentre-back0.7
Thomas BrunsDefensive midfielder0.5
Marko VejinovicDefensive midfielder0.7
Emil HanssonAttacking midfielder1
Anas OuahimAttacking midfielder1.2
Sylian MokonoRight-back0.7
Jetro WillemsLeft-back1
Robin PröpperCentre-back2.5
Sinan BakisCentre-forward1.5
Nikolai LaursenStriker1
Bryan LimbombeStriker1

A Glimpse into the Past – The History of Heracles Almelo

The club’s inception dates back to 1903, with its roots deeply embedded in the city of Almelo. Originally christened as the Almelosche Football Club Heracles, the club’s name pays homage to the legendary Greek hero. Their early years saw them clinch regional championships within the Twentse Voetbalbond. The 1960s heralded a golden era for the club, with their promotion to the Eredivisie in 1962. Since then, Heracles Almelo has oscillated between the Eerste Divisie and Eredivisie, showcasing their mettle and ambition at every turn.

The Polman Stadion – More Than Just a Stadium

The Polman Stadion, affectionately known as the Erve Asito, stands as a testament to the club’s legacy and the unwavering support of its fans. Inaugurated in 1999, this stadium, with a seating capacity of 13,500, has witnessed countless memorable moments. The electrifying atmosphere, fueled by the passionate Heracles fans, makes every matchday an event to remember.

A New Era – John Lammers at the Helm

2022 marked a new chapter for Heracles Almelo with the appointment of John Lammers as the head coach. Known for his stint as a national team striker, Lammers has infused the team with a fresh, attacking approach. His emphasis on nurturing young talent and introducing innovative tactical strategies aligns perfectly with the club’s core values.

Key Players – The Heartbeat of the Team

Heracles Almelo boasts a roster brimming with talent. Players like Mohamed Sankoh, Emil Hansson, Mario Engels, and Jetro Willems stand out, each bringing a unique flair to the team. Their combined efforts on the pitch have solidified Heracles Almelo’s reputation as a formidable force in Dutch football.

Achievements – A Legacy of Excellence

While the club’s trophy cabinet prominently features the 2005 Eerste Divisie championship, Heracles Almelo’s achievements extend beyond silverware. Their impressive runs in the KNVB Cup, reaching the finals in both 2012 and 2017, underscore their ability to compete with the best.

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Elite Participants – The Best of the Best

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Heracles Almelo is more than just a football club; it’s a symbol of community spirit, resilience, and sporting excellence. As they continue their journey in Dutch football, they carry with them the hopes and dreams of countless fans. Their story serves as an inspiration, reminding us of the power of passion, determination, and community spirit.