Inter Miami CF, founded in 2018, maybe a relatively new addition to the Major League Soccer (MLS), but they have swiftly made their mark in the soccer world. Owned in part by soccer legend David Beckham, this ambitious team competes in the MLS’s Eastern Conference, aiming to carve out a legacy of success.

In this article, we will explore various aspects of Inter Miami CF, including their squad, history, key players, statistics, and their promising future in American soccer.

Inter Miami Squad 2023 & Net Worth

In the following table, we present you with the latest squad of Inter Miami for the year 2023, along with the respective positions of the players and their Net worth. This comprehensive overview will shed light on the team’s lineup and the financial value of its talented roster, showcasing the blend of skills and assets that Inter Miami CF brings to the MLS.

NamePositionNet worth (USD)
Lionel MessiForward100 million
Gonzalo HiguaínForward35 million
Blaise MatuidiMidfielder20 million
Alejandro PozueloMidfielder15 million
DeAndre YedlinDefender10 million
Christian MakounMidfielder5 million
Julián CarranzaForward5 million
Kieran GibbsDefender4 million
Victor UlloaDefender3 million
GregoreMidfielder2 million
Dylan NealisDefender1 million

Inter Miami boasts a squad that combines experience with emerging talent. Headed by coach Phil Neville, the team has attracted attention for its star-studded roster. David Beckham’s influence has been pivotal in recruiting notable players. However, it’s the blend of seasoned professionals and emerging talents that has the potential to propel the team to greatness.

Here are some other notable players in the Inter Miami squad:

  • Leonardo Campana: Ecuadorian striker who is on loan from Wolves.
  • Jean Mota: Brazilian midfielder who is on loan from Orlando City.
  • Robbie Robinson: American forward who is a product of the Inter Miami academy.
  • Christopher McVey: American defender who is a former MLS All-Star.

History – A Young Team with Big Dreams

While Inter Miami CF’s history is relatively brief, it’s filled with ambition and promise. Established just a few years ago in 2018, the team has set its sights high. Their aspirations include becoming a contender for the MLS Cup, the most coveted trophy in American soccer. Despite a relatively short journey so far, Inter Miami CF is determined to leave a lasting legacy in the league.

Key Player of Inter Miami – Gonzalo Higuaín

One of the standout names in Inter Miami CF’s roster is Gonzalo Higuaín. The Argentine striker has made a significant impact since joining the team, establishing himself as their highest scorer. With 26 goals to his name, Higuaín’s goal-scoring prowess is a vital asset for Inter Miami CF. His ability to find the back of the net consistently makes him a key player to watch.

Achievements of Inter Miami

While Inter Miami hasn’t clinched any significant trophies, they’ve displayed promise by earning playoff berths twice in just three seasons. A notable achievement in 2022 was their advancement to the Leagues Cup final, showcasing their increasing influence.

Regrettably, victory slipped from their grasp as they succumbed to a defeat at the hands of the Philadelphia Union. Nonetheless, the club’s unwavering dedication and forward momentum are conspicuous, even if they haven’t yet captured the ultimate glory. Through their playoff qualifications and noteworthy appearances, Inter Miami is steadily etching its trajectory in the highly competitive soccer landscape.

Inter Miami Stats – Building a Competitive Record

In their three seasons in MLS, Inter Miami CF has recorded 30 wins, 45 losses, and 15 draws. While they have yet to make the playoffs, their evolving statistics reflect a team in transition. With a blend of experienced players and promising talents, they are working diligently to improve their standing and make a mark in the highly competitive MLS.

Alejandro Pozuelo deserves a mention as well, serving as the team’s leading assist provider with 25 assists. His ability to create scoring opportunities for his teammates adds a crucial dimension to their gameplay.

Lionel Messi’s Impact – A Game-Changer

A significant turning point in the club’s history came with the addition of none other than Lionel Messi. The acquisition of the football legend was a major coup for Inter Miami CF. Messi’s presence not only elevates the team’s profile but also brings a wealth of skill and experience. His arrival has ignited hope among fans that Inter Miami CF is gearing up for a brighter future, potentially positioning themselves as a formidable MLS contender.

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Wrapping it Up!

Inter Miami CF is a rising star in Major League Soccer. Despite their relatively brief history, the team’s ambition, star-studded roster, and dedication to success are paving the way for a bright future. With key players like Gonzalo Higuaín and the addition of Lionel Messi, they are poised to make a lasting impact on the American soccer scene. As they continue to build their legacy, Inter Miami CF is undoubtedly a team to watch, and their journey in the MLS promises to be an exciting one.