SD Eibar, nestled in the scenic Basque town of Eibar, stands as a testament to the spirit of football. Established in 1940, this team, though never reigning supreme in La Liga, has consistently showcased its mettle, reaching significant milestones like the Copa del Rey semi-finals in 2014 and 2018.

In this piece, we’ll explore the intricacies of the SD Eibar Team, tracing the players’ journeys, examining the current lineup with insights into their positions and net worth, and delving into the rich history, iconic stadium, coaching dynamics, and beyond of SD Eibar.

SD Eibar Team Squad & Net Worth

Dive into the heart of the SD Eibar Team as we present a comprehensive overview of its current squad. From seasoned veterans to emerging talents, each player brings a unique flair to the team.

To give you a clearer perspective, we’ve curated a table below detailing the positions and individual Net worth of each squad member. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a curious observer, this breakdown offers a glimpse into the financial and positional dynamics of the SD Eibar Team.

PlayerPositionNet Worth (€)
Luca ZidaneGoalkeeper2 million
Yoel RodríguezGoalkeeper600,000
Juan BerrocalCentre-Back1 million
Frederico VenâncioCentre-Back800,000
Anaitz ArbillaCentre-Back400,000
Cristian GutiérrezLeft-Back300,000
José Ríos ReinaLeft-Back300,000
Álvaro TejeroRight-Back2 million
Rober CorreaRight-Back600,000
Sergio ÁlvarezDefensive Midfield1.2 million
Unai VencedorCentral Midfield9 million
Matheus PereiraCentral Midfield1.2 million
Jorge YriarteCentral Midfield250,000
Ager AketxeAttacking Midfield800,000
Mario SorianoAttacking Midfield600,000
StoichkovLeft Wing1.8 million
Edu ExpósitoCentral Midfield2.5 million
Quique GonzálezRight Wing2 million
Jon BautistaCentre-Forward1.5 million
Imanol EzkurdiaCentre-Forward800,000
Álvaro VadilloLeft Wing1.2 million
Ander BarrenetxeaRight Wing2 million
Pape CheikhCentre-Forward1 million

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SD Eibar Team Historical Overview

Eibar’s inception in 1940 was the result of the collective passion of workers from the town’s arms factory. Their journey began in local leagues, but their relentless spirit saw them ascend to the Segunda División by 1998. Their crowning achievement came in 2014 when they secured a spot in La Liga. Since then, they’ve maintained their status, with notable moments like a seventh-place finish in the 2016-17 season and two impressive runs to the Copa del Rey semi-finals.

Unique Ownership Model

SD Eibar’s ownership model is unique in the world of modern football. The club is owned by its supporters, a community-based approach that sets it apart from most other professional football clubs. Eibar’s ‘socios,’ or members, have a direct say in the club’s decision-making processes, from electing the president to influencing key policies.

This community ownership model not only fosters a strong bond between the club and its fans but also reinforces Eibar’s commitment to its Basque identity and the local community. It is a shining example of how football can be governed by the people who love it most, prioritizing passion and loyalty over financial interests.

Ipurua Municipal Stadium – The Fortress

The Ipurua Municipal Stadium, with a seating capacity of 7,083, might not be among the largest, but it’s a cauldron of passion. Located in the heart of Eibar, it’s a venue where every match is a festival, and every goal is celebrated as a collective triumph. The stadium’s electric atmosphere is a testament to the undying support of the Eibar faithful.

SD Eibar Team – Leadership and Coaching

Joseba Etxeberria, the man at the helm since July 2023, is no stranger to the game. With a rich playing history, especially at Athletic Bilbao, and a Copa del Rey win in 2001, Etxeberria transitioned into coaching in 2017. His vision for Eibar revolves around attacking football and nurturing emerging talents. Under his guidance, Eibar is aiming to reclaim its spot in La Liga.

SD Eibar Team – Key Players to Watch

Eibar’s roster boasts talent that can challenge the best in the business. Players like Stoichkov, the Bulgarian striker, have been pivotal in their goal-scoring prowess. Sergio Álvarez, the seasoned Spanish goalkeeper, brings experience and leadership. Pedro Bigas, a stalwart in defense, and midfield maestros Álvaro Tejero and Edu Expósito, are integral to Eibar’s gameplay. Their combined efforts make Eibar a formidable opponent on any given matchday.

Achievements and Milestones by SD Eibar Team

Eibar’s ascent in Spanish football is dotted with significant achievements. Their promotion to La Liga in 2014 was a landmark moment. Their performance in the Copa del Rey, reaching the semi-finals twice, showcases their ability to compete with the best. Winning the Segunda División championship in 2014 was another feather in their cap, solidifying their reputation in Spanish football.


SD Eibar, despite its relatively small stature in Spanish football, has fierce local rivalries that add intense drama to the club’s fixtures. Matches against nearby clubs like Real Sociedad and Deportivo Alavés are eagerly anticipated and evoke fervent passion from fans on both sides. The rivalry with Real Sociedad, another Basque club, transcends football, reflecting the deep-seated regional pride of the Basque Country.

Similarly, clashes with Deportivo Alavés, based in the neighboring province of Álava, ignite emotions and competitive spirit. These local rivalries exemplify the close-knit footballing community in the Basque region and ensure that every encounter is a fiercely contested battle for supremacy.

The Heartbeat of Eibar 

SD Eibar is not just a football club; it is the heartbeat of Eibar. The club’s unwavering commitment to its community, passionate fan base, and unique ownership model create a deep connection that extends beyond the pitch. Eibar’s presence in the town is felt in every corner, from its community initiatives to its youth development programs.

The ‘Txuriurdines’ faithfully support their team, making matchdays a vibrant and electric experience. SD Eibar’s journey, from the lower divisions to La Liga, symbolizes the town’s resilience and determination, inspiring both locals and football enthusiasts worldwide. The club serves as a living testament to the power of football to unite, uplift, and define a community’s identity.

The Eibar Ethos

Beyond the tactics and gameplay, what sets Eibar apart is its ethos. It’s about unity, passion, and a commitment to the game. Their approach to football is not just about securing victories but about playing with heart and soul. The fans, the management, and the players come together as one, embodying the spirit of “we are stronger together.”

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SD Eibar is more than just a football club, it’s an embodiment of passion, resilience, and community spirit. Their journey from local leagues to the pinnacle of Spanish football serves as an inspiration. As they continue their quest for glory, one thing is certain: Eibar will always play with heart, making their fans proud with every pass, tackle, and goal.