How to Watch ITV Hub Live in Spain with a VPN 

You will typically encounter the following error message if you attempt to access ITV Hub from outside the UK:

Oops! There appears to be an issue. If necessary, please reload the page or look at our ITV Hub Help.

This has happened due to the service checking your IP address and determining that it does not originate from the UK. It will be prohibited if you attempt to access ITV Hub from the US, Spain, Ireland, or any other foreign country. But by just connecting to a British VPN server, you can get a British IP address and convince ITV Hub to allow you to watch.

By encrypting your traffic, VPNs can increase your online privacy. By doing this, you can prevent anyone (such as your internet service provider or employer) from being able to see what you do online. The majority of VPNs include servers in dozens of nations, allowing you to utilize region-locked platforms from all over the world, so you are not restricted to just unblocking ITV Hub.

Quick Steps to Watch ITV Hub Live in Spain

Follow the steps mentioned below to stream “ITV Hub” live in Spain without any hassle:

  • Signup for a Premium VPN
  • Connect to a server in the UK
  • Enjoy watching your favorite ITV Hub shows in Spain
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Methodology: Researching the Top VPN Services for ITV Hub in Spain.

ITV Hub cannot always be unblocked internationally by VPN services. However, this isn’t the only specification you want to look for in a VPN. For instance, you’ll also need unrestricted internet in order to view ITV Hub nonstop. Consider the following factors while determining the top VPNs for ITV Hub streaming:

ITV Hub is exclusively accessible in the UK. In order to obtain a UK IP address and access ITV Hub from a different country, all of the VPNs should have UK servers. Of course, you may access other well-known websites and services because they too have servers in dozens of other nations, including the USA and Australia.

Here is how to use ITV Hub using a VPN to stream in Spain:

  • Signup for a Premium VPN
  • Connect to a server in the UK
  • Enjoy watching your favorite ITV Hub shows in Spain
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You’ll have several streaming problems, such as low quality, lag, and buffering, if a VPN’s UK servers are too slow. With any of the top-notch VPNs, there is absolutely no bandwidth limiting, allowing for uninterrupted viewing.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch ITV Hub in Spain? 

You might want to access other region-locked content while living in Spain. This can be your online banking account or another streaming service like BBC iPlayer. The best VPNs for ITV Hub were discovered to have the strongest unblocking capabilities, despite the fact that some VPNs are uneven in this area.

You can view ITV Hub safely because of a combination of 256-bit AES encryption, a kill switch, and DNS leak protection. If you use public wifi when traveling abroad, a secure VPN is very crucial. Be aware that some VPNs also provide Double VPN servers if you require additional security.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can ITV Hub be accessed with a free VPN?

For a number of reasons, we highly advise against utilizing a free VPN. First and foremost, they frequently have fewer servers but more customers than paid VPNs, resulting in generally very poor speeds. This makes streaming nearly impossible and browsing annoying. Furthermore, major streaming services often ban free VPNs first, so even if you are able to secure a connection that is fast enough, you might not be able to watch ITV Hub from another country.

What is available to watch on ITV Hub Live in Spain?

ITV Hub offers live streaming for six networks (ITV, ITV2, ITVBe, ITV3, CITV, and ITV4), so you can find something to watch. There are some of the biggest shows in the entertainment world available on ITV Hub for streaming. 

ITV Hub is available for download outside of the UK? 

You won’t typically be able to download the ITV Hub app from another country until you alter your store region, as it is only available in the British version of your preferred app stores. There are two ways around this: either download and install the app before you leave the UK, which we do not advise doing for safety reasons, or discover a version hosted elsewhere on the web.

Can I watch live TV on the ITV Hub?

Yes! Users only need to log in to access six ITV stations, including CITV, live and without charge. In case you can’t find anything fascinating to watch when scrolling through the live feeds, there is also a tonne of on-demand stuff available.


The best British television can be seen on ITV Hub, a fantastic streaming service. However, due to geoblocking, only users with UK IP addresses or viewers from the UK can access the service. In this situation, a VPN may be helpful. It’s simple to conceal your IP address and give the impression that you are in the UK. However, picking the appropriate VPN is crucial.

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