Sky Sports Pass: Get it outside the United Kingdom


Sky Sports is without question one of the best premium sports channels in England. They show most EPL matches and other top tier sporting events.

However  as an international traveler or ex-pat living overseas you may have found that Sky’s services are not available to watch from abroad – which means missing out on all those great moments with your friends back home.

For this guide I’ll be showing how easy it can actually get though; allowing access for anyone who needs them so long as they’re traveling through Britain’s shores.

What you need to watch via Sky Sports Pass outside the UK

If you want to watch the Football Season in England without paying a fortune, get yourself an IP address from somewhere else.

Football fans in the UK can now watch the most exciting matches easily by subscribing to Sky Sports, the official broadcaster of multiple prestigious football competitions including the Premier League, FA Cup, UEFA Champions League, Europa League and Formula 1 Races live online. 

For example if your home country is America use one of many apps available that will disguise where it thinks you are located online so all things considered feel free as punch.

How to watch Sky Sports outside the UK

There’s no need for you to hop across the pond when there are so many great options available. All it takes is following these simple steps and within minutes, your access will be granted.

Follow the steps below to watch Sky Sports Outside UK instantly: 

  • Subscribe to SportsVPN
  • Connect a server in UK 
  • Enjoy watching multiple Sports Live Online on Sky Sports

Get Sports VPN

Stream Sky Sports with Pass [Day, Weekly & Monthly]

Now, you have the choice to only pay for the match your want to watch, exclusively with Sky Sports Pass. It was a hassle subscribing for a monthly, quarterly or even a yearly period when all you really wanted was access for just a few days.

Realizing the changing trends, Sky Sports Pass has revamped its subscription packages and it now offers a Day Sky Sports Pass that allows users to get access to Sky Sports for a specific time so they can enjoy their favorite sporting events for just €6.99.

How To Access Sky Sports Day Pass

Sky Sports Pass – Day is the best way to ensure you don’t miss any of your favorite games. Whether it’s soccer or tennis.

Sky has got everything covered! With this one-stop-shop for all things sports-related in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Moreover there really isn’t anything that will be left out on the game day so grab yourself some passes today before they sell out again

Important Notice: Sky Sports Pass (Day) only lasts for 24 hours and needs to be activated within 365 days of the purchase. Most importantly, you can watch all seven Sky Sports channels live with the Sky Sports Day Pass.

Get Sports VPN

How does a VPN work?

The way a VPN works is simple. If you’re in America, when accessing Sky Sports’ website or app it does so directly without going through any servers located outside of your country. Meanwhile, they can see that fact right away.

Hence, we’ve enabled our connection with one  good little tool called “a virtual private network” (VPN) which sends all data over secure networks established by IP addressing protocols such as HTTPS/SSL etc.

Furthermore, a VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between your computer and our servers in the UK. This ensures that even if someone were to block any websites or apps you want, like Sky Sports for example (they probably will), all of those pesky internet filters won’t stop us from watching sports with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I subscribe to Sky Sports outside the UK?

Unfortunately, there is no way to subscribe to Sky Sports outside of the UK. But with a VPN you can get around this problem and stream all your favorite sports channels without restrictions.

Is Sky Sports only available in the UK?

Sky Sports is the most dominant subscription television sports brand in Great Britain and Ireland. It’s a group of British channels operated by satellite pay-tv company Sky Group, whose division of Comcast owns 30% equity stake plus management control.

How much is Sky Sports in the UK?

How much does Sky Sports cost? Sky Sports starts at £18 per month but that’s as a bolt on where you need other subscriptions to qualify, so in reality it’ll cost you at least £41 per month. This is on an 18 month contract and offers you the TV, Sky-dish-for Sky Sports.

Martin is a sports enthusiast and loves to write about trending events globally. He has also been selected for one of the FIFA World Cup Volunteering in 2014. Moreover, he loves to watch TV Shows and is a die hard Kobe Bryant Fan!