How To Watch Eurosport With VPN


Eurosport is a European-originated sports streaming service that offers live streams of various sports events. It’s probably one of the biggest sports channels available in Europe. It’s available in the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria etc. And you can watch it on many devices as well like Android, iOS, Apple TV, Sky TV, Samsung Smart TV, etc. You can watch full matches of Premier League, FA Cup, Euro League and so much more through Eurosport with VPN

The only downside is that it’s geo-restricted and cannot be watched in countries that do not have the rights for it, for example, USA or Canada. However, you don’t have to worry because it can be solved with a VPN. So if you want to know how to watch Eurosport with VPN, keep on reading.

How To Watch Eurosport With VPN On Smartphone

Since Eurosport is only available in European countries, people residing outside of those countries will be unable to watch Eurosport. However, that can be fixed with a VPN. If you’re on your phone and want to watch Euro Sports then follow the steps below to see how you can access it.

  • Download the Eurosports app from the App store.
  • Download and sign up for a VPN
  • Connect to the United Kingdom server.
  • Launch the Eurosport app and create an account or log in.
  • If you haven’t bought the Europass you need to get it and you’re all set!
  • Enjoy non-stop sports anywhere
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How To Watch Eurosport With VPN On Apple Tv

You can also watch Eurosport on Apple TV with the help of a VPN. It only takes a few steps and you’ll be done! To see how you can download Eurosport on Apple TV, refer to the steps below.

  • To download the Eurosport app on your Apple TV, first head to the home screen.
  • Launch the App Store from the home screen and go to the Featured Tab
  • Now you need to search for Eurosport and click on ‘Get’
  • That will install the app on your Apple TV.

Now, let’s see how you can use Eurosport on Apple TV with a VPN.

  • Download or sign up for a VPN 
  • Connect it to your router and make sure the server is from the United Kingdom.
  • Assuming your Apple TV is now connected to the VPN, launch the Eurosport app.
  • Create an account or log in to buy the subscription.
  • After the purchase is complete you can enjoy Eurosport without a problem
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How To Watch Eurosport With A VPN On Roku

Eurosport doesn’t have an official app for Roku but there is still a way to watch Eurosport on your Roku. Follow the steps below.

  • Download or Sign up for a VPN
  • Connect to your router and choose the server of the UK.
  • Make sure your Roku and smartphone are connected to the same Wifi.
  • Now go to your Roku home screen by using the Home button on your controller.
  • Then go to Settings and under the settings option, choose System
  • Choose Screen Mirroring and then the Screen mirroring mode.
  • Next, you need to choose the Prompt button that will allow it to always ask permission before screen mirroring.
  • Now on your phone, open the Eurosport app.
  • Play a video and click on the Cast option and select your Roku device.
  • Now you can watch Eurosports on your Roku with a VPN anywhere in the world.

How To Watch Eurosport On Chromecast With A VPN

Eurosport can also be watched through Chromecast. If you want to use it with a VPN, follow the steps below.

  • Download or sign up for a VPN
  • Connect it to your Wifi router.
  • Choose the server from the UK.
  • Make sure both the streaming device and your phone are connected to the same Wifi.
  • Open the Eurosport app on your phone and play a video.
  • Click on the Cast option and choose your preferred streaming device connected to the same Wifi.
  • Now you can watch Eurosport through Chromecast easily!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Eurosport available in the US?

No. Unfortunately, Eurosport is only available in European countries like the UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, and Austria. But you can use a VPN to watch it outside of those countries.

Can I Watch Eurosport For Free?

Eurosport is a subscription-based sports channel. It cannot be watched for free however, it’s very affordable and will only cost you £4.99/month and £39.99/year.

Is Eurosport available on Apple TV?

Yes. Eurosport is available on Apple TV. It’s also available on Android, iOS, Samsung Smart TV, etc.

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