How to Watch ITV Hub in France Seamlessly

France, like the other nations of the European Union, used to have access to a number of streaming services coming from the United Kingdom. ITV Hub was once one of them, but it is no longer accessible outside of its native nation. However, any Internet obstacle can be surmounted. You can still watch ITV Hub in France for free, so yeah.

You can currently access ITV’s website and find it to be fully available. This is due to the fact that ITV is still accessible everywhere and allows you to read the most recent news, see video clips, and more. The ITV Hub, which you may only access using a British IP address, will restrict you from streaming movies and TV episodes.

You’ll notice the following message more specifically: Sorry! We have determined that you are not in the UK. By December 31st, 2020, Live TV and Catch Up will only be accessible in the UK. You can watch already downloaded content if you have ITV Hub+.

Using a VPN is the key to bypassing France’s ITV blockade and streaming live and on-demand content. In this post, we’ll teach you how to do that, as well as which VPN to use and how to use it.

Quick Steps to Watch ITV Hub in France

Follow the steps mentioned below to stream ITV Hub live in France without any hassle:

  • Signup for a Premium VPN
  • Connect to a server in the UK
  • Enjoy watching your favorite ITV Hub shows in France
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Does France Need a VPN to Access ITV Hub?

Connecting to a VPN server located in the UK is the only option to view ITV Hub in France. Therefore, as there is no other way to unblock ITV Hub, a VPN is required.

Your IP address will be recognized when you access ITV’s website or apps. This is the case since your IP identifies your precise location. As a result, ITV Hub can readily identify your location, which is how your access is restricted if your IP address is French.

This is how you can instantly Watch ITV Hub in France seamlessly:

  • Signup for a Premium VPN
  • Connect to a server in the UK
  • Enjoy watching your favorite ITV Hub shows in France
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As you can see, the solution is to change your IP address, and VPNs are specifically made to do so. More specifically, they enable you to connect to a UK-based VPN server in order to get a British IP address. Simple as that!

You should be cautious when choosing a VPN, as detailed in our guide to watching ITV outside the UK.

What is Available on ITV Hub?

British and American TV shows, live TV channels, movies, sports, and other content are all accessible through ITV Hub. Please continue reading to learn our suggestions for things to watch.

There are numerous live TV channels to start with. ITV1, ITV2, ITV3, ITVBe, ITV4, and CITV are all housed at ITV Hub. All of those channels are always on. You only need to create a free ITV account in order to access them.

ITV is renowned for its choices of TV programs, so be aware of that. You may discover which TV shows are entirely accessible on ITV Hub by choosing “Full Series” from the menu. The Ipcress File, Our House, The Tower, Hollington Drive, The Durrells, Prime Suspect, and other books are highly recommended, so keep that in mind.

Then, a limited number of films are available. There are usually a few titles available, although the list is constantly updated. You can also discover some sports-related content, like coverage of the British Touring Championship and All Elite Wrestling.

Frequently Asked Questions 

ITV Hub is accessible in France?

ITV Hub is not by default accessible in France. More specifically, that streaming service is exclusively accessible in the UK.

There is a technique to get around the geo-block, though. All you need is a reliable VPN program that has UK servers available, enabling you to get a British IP.

ITV Hub: How Do I Watch It in France?

Using a VPN is the only method to watch ITV Hub in France. You can access any ITV app or website after connecting to a VPN server in the UK. You may therefore watch ITV Hub for free on almost any device.

In France, is ITV Hub a free stream?

Yes, you may watch ITV Hub for free. Therefore, if you reside in France, you can access the catalog of live and on-demand programming offered by ITV for free by using a VPN.

We’ll also point out that ITV Hub offers an ad-free premium tier called ITV Hub+. However, the United Kingdom is the only country where you can subscribe to that tier.

Is it Illegal to Use a VPN to Access ITV Hub in France?

It is not prohibited to use a VPN to access ITV Hub in France. However, take in mind that you will be breaking ITV’s policies regarding using the service from another country.

ITV Hub cannot be used from outside the United Kingdom, according to legal paperwork. However, the digital platform uses that as a kind of self-defense.


Without any effort, you can access ITV Hub for free from France, but you’ll need a strong VPN to do it. UK-based servers should be available from every VPN. They need to therefore permit you to unblock ITV as well as other UK-based streaming services.

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