CBC is one of the fastest growing networks in Canada and thankfully, it’s free to stream online. The channel is the official broadcaster of many global events that have a huge viewership. However, it is geographically restricted to Canada only which restricts users from across the globe to live stream their favorite sporting events.

So, if you are outside Canada and cannot access CBC due to geo-restrictions then you don’t have to lurk around in search of means that can help you overcome this issue. You can live stream CBC Player from anywhere in the world using the most effective and reliable solution available, VPN.

CBC blocked

How to Unblock CBC Player Outside Canada

The Canadians who are outside their home country and want to access  CBC Player, just need a VPN to access and watch CBC live outside Canada. We suggest you to use a streaming VPN. A streaming VPN is a tool that not ensures you can access any and all content without having to worry about geo-restrictions, but it can enhance your security all the while protecting your anonymity at the same time.

Follow the below 3 steps and enjoy watching CBC live from anywhere.

Step 1: Choose the best streaming VPN and get its subscription.

Unblock CBC to live stream with a VPN

Step 1: Download the apps for your devices on which you stream live.

Step 2: Open the app, connect to Canada server and visit CBC Player and start enjoying CBC olympics live streaming

CBC player live

Stream CBC Player In The United States

If you are a US citizen and interested in watching events that are broadcasted exclusively on CBC Player, you can seek help from a VPN. Your IP will be changed to a Canadian IP and you will be free to access CBC live streaming without any hindrance in the US.

Watch CBC Player in the United Kingdom

People in the UK will also need a helping hand to watch NHL or Winter Olympics on CBC since these events are exclusively broadcasted on CBC. VPN can be the appropriate solution and will serve as the perfect help in this case for fans located in the UK.


Watch CBC Live Streaming

CBC is one of the biggest TV channel of Canada and with the digital advent CBC Player has become the most streamed website in Canada. CBC is the official channel  of Canada.

With the use of a VPN you can easily unblock CBC player outside Canada from anywhere in the world.