Fox Sports is one of the most popular sports streaming channel online. Broadcasting popular sports like NFL, NASCAR, NBA, NHL, and Soccer makes it a must watch for those who want a full plate of sporting events on a single channel.

It  is the destination for all such diehard fans. Sadly, the best things in the world come with some restrictions. Fox Sports Go is only accessible to people in the US, and to watch it  Go outside the US, you’ll surely need some help.

The problem with streaming  is that it’s only available for the US audience and is not available anywhere else around the world. But there are still ways to access your favorite sports channel online. The following guide will help you on your quest to watch Fox Sports Go live online from anywhere.

Nothing to fret about since a VPN is there to help you out. Watch Fox Sports Go from outside the US with a VPN and fill up on your sporting appetite conveniently.

Accessing it from outside United States will give you the following message.

It clearly means that you have restriction of the content and can just watch only those programs which are available for those who resides outside US.

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Stream Fox Sports in the UK

The craze of NBA, NHL and NFL is not limited to Canada and the US only. The UK is known to have extremely passionate football fans but they are equally passionate for NBA and NFL as well. However, Fox Sports, the official broadcaster of these sporting events, is not accessible in the UK and fans in the United Kingdom always search for alternate methods.

YOu can also watch English Premier league matches on Fox Sports network.

Bound by geo-restrictions, fans in UK do not get to enjoy live action of events broadcast exclusively on Fox Sports Go. This myth isn’t true anymore as fans in the UK can now live stream it  with ease with a paid VPN . Entertainment served with convenience, what else can you ask for?


How To Get Fox Soccer Match Pass 

Fox Soccer Match Pass

Unlike NBC Sports network, Fox Sport do offer a digital soccer match pass which let you stream soccer matches. The pass is affordable, since you are paying just for what you want rather then hefty subscription charges for the month or year. To get the match pass from anywhere in the world, follow the steps given below:

  • Get a Sports VPN , Download It.
  • Visit –
  • Buy the Pass
  • Now you’re good to stream soccer matches

Tip – Fox Soccer match pass offer 7-day free trial, so you watch the soccer matches for free.

Unblock Fox Sports Go Outside US 

We can understand how anxiously you wait for NBA Playoffs or Super Bowl every year but since you are not in the US or you do not reside there, you don’t have the luxury of watching these sporting extravaganzas live. But with the evolving trends in technology, you don’t need to waste time and money searching for options.

Now you can live stream your favorite sporting events, unblock the most desired broadcasting channels and bypass al sort of geo-restrictions easily with the help of a VPN. Irrespective of your location, unblock and watch Fox Sports Go with a VPN.

Fox Sports Go Apps 

Fox Sports Go apps allow you to live stream live action on your smart devices instantly. Check out the list below to see if your device is supportive or not:

  • Ps4
  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire  TV stick
  • Android
  • iOS

 Fox Sports Go On Ps4

To access Fox Sports Go on your Playstation 4 gaming console, you just need to follow the steps given below:

  1. Download & Install the Fox Sports GO app
  2. Get the app credentials by adding your credit card info
  3. Enter the credentials
  4. Access Fox Sports GO

Install Fox Sports Go On Roku

Roku users also can access to Fox Sports GO App easily. Just follow the steps given below:

  1. Get  VPN App for Roku Device [Users outside US]
  2. Connect To United States server
  3. Search for the App from the search bar
  4. Run the Fox Sports GO App & enter the credentials

Install Fox Sports Go App On Apple TV Device

Similar to Amazon Fire TV & Roku,  Apple TV users can also follow the same step-by-step guide to install Fox Sports Go app on the device. For the ease, steps are given below:

  1. Download & Install the VPN app on your Apple TV.
  2. Connect to the US server
  3. Download the Fox Sports app, Run it and enter your credentials.

Install  Fox Sports Go On Amazon Fire TV

Fox Sports Go has also an application for Amazon Fire TV . It’s indeed a great news for the Amazon users, as they can now have opportunity to stream sports events on the go. Follow the guide given below, to install the app on your Amazon Fire TV .

  1. Get the Sports VPN app for Amazon Fire TV  & Install it.
  2. Connect to the US  server from the virtual private
  3. Now, Download the Fox Sports Amazon Firesetick TV  Application
  4. Enter the credentials
  5. Access it

Unlike mobile Apps, it is  also available on couple of  TV streaming devices. For those who love cord cutting or already using streaming devices would love to give it a go.

How To Fox Sports  Without Cable

The Playoff season is off to a flying start, the excitement has reached new highs. You need a paid subscription of Fox Sports Go or must have a cable connection to watch the live action.

Unfortunately, subscriptions don’t come cheap and you don’t have cable as well! However, you can still catch the live action with a digital antenna, where you can watch sporting events broadcast  by other networks for free.

Following are the list of tv devices & boxes where you can stream Fox Sports without cable:

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Amazon Fire Stick
  • Hulu
  • Roku Device
  • Apple TV
  • Xbox
  • Android TV

 List Of  TV Channels

Fox Sports is the official broadcaster of multiple sporting events throughout the year and has many subsidiaries. The list below highlights which channel broadcasts which sporting events:

  • Fox Sports 1
  • Fox Sports 2
  • Fox Sports 3
  • Fox Sports 4
  • Fox Sports 5
  • Sports Play
  • Fox Footy
  • Fox Sports News

Sports To Watch With Fox Sports

  • PGA Tour
  • Rugby League
  • MotoGP, NASCAR
  • UFC, MMA & Boxing
  • UEFA Champions League
  • Europa League

How to Watch Fox Sports On Kodi

Installing Fox Sports Go App on Kodi isn’t too difficult. You’ll only need to follow the steps given below, and you can watch it  Go on Kodi live.

  1. Open Kodi >Go to Addons
  2. Select Package Installer > Click on install from repository
  3. Click on Kodi Addon Repository > Go to Video Addons
  4. Go to Fox Sports Go
  5. Select Install
  6. Wait for the Addons Enabled Notification
  7. Go back to Kodi homepage > Select Addons
  8. Click on Video Addons >Watch Fox Sports Go on Kodi
  9. Before you start watching, you’ll need to activate it first from here:

Video Tutorial

How To Watch Fox Sports Go with a VPN?

Virtual Private Networks help users mask their IP address to protect their online identity, while allowing them access to all the digital content with ease. A VPN is by far the best possible solution available to bypass geo-restrictions and live stream, browse or download TV shows, movies, sporting events etc. A VPN allows you to stay anonymous online and some of the best VPN providers add value to their service by supporting protocols that allow users to encrypt their data transmission online.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ(s)

How to activate Fox Sports Go on Fire TV?

You will first have to install the Fire TV app on your Fire TV device. For that, you will need access to a cable or satellite subscription or a service that controls “TV Everywhere” apps.

You can then use the voice search button on your remote to search for Fox Sports. Or you can use the Amazon box to the left and get the app directly via your browser.

Downloading the app is free, but you’ll have to activate it before you can watch the channel. For that, you need to go to Settings in the left menu by pressing the down button on the remote and then the center click on the remote. Select the “Sign In” box by pressing the right button and center clicking on the box. Enter your unique code shown into the Activation Code box and click on the Submit button.

Select your service provider from the entire list. Once you click on your service provider, it will redirect you to the browser page of your specific service provider and ask you to login in through their system. Then, you’ll be redirected back to the FOX Sports GO Activate page where you will be shown the following message: “Success! You have successfully activated Fox Sports GO.”

What to do if Fox Sports Go is not working?

There can only be two reasons why you’re Fox Sports Go app may not be working. One is that your  subscription may have ended. You will have to renew your account to continue.