NFL, also referred to as the National Football League, is a professional American football league that consists of 32 teams. NFL is one of the most popular leagues in the world. It is especially popular in countries where Rugby is a popular sport.

NFL’s 17-week regular season runs from early September to late December where each team plays 16 games and has one bye week.

After the conclusion of the Regular season, six teams from each conference advance to the playoffs, where a single-elimination tournament ensues culminating in the Super Bowl.

This year’s NFL season will be the 99th in history. The season will begin on September 6, 2018 with a Kickoff Game between defending Super Bowl LII champion Philadelphia Eagles and the Atlanta Falcons. The season will conclude with Super Bowl LIII on February 3, 2019 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.

The NFL’s popularity knows no boundaries. For years and years, football has been consistently the most watched sport in the US.

Watch Super Bowl On NFL Game Pass

Using NFL mobile App you can easily watch NFL games highlights, replays, post match interviews. Follow the stesp below:

  1. Get a Sports VPN
  2. Connect to the Fastest US server(for streaming purposes)
  3. Launch NFL mobile APP
  4. Enjoy NFL Action

How To Get A NFL GAME PASS International?

The International Game Pass Of NFL broadcast all the matches of NFL season. But there’s a restriction issue here which never let you stream NFL outside USA because it only works with US IP address.

This is an issue always faced by expats of US and also NFL fans who reside outside United States Of America. But Fret not, with a Sports VPN you can easily unblock this restriction and good to go. Access the the geo restricted content. For the sake of easiness, follow the instructions given below:

  1. Get A Sports VPN
  2. Launch it & Connect to US servers or any other region where NFL is not black out
  3. After setting up the server, go to NFL GamePass website
  4. Sign UP and enjoy whenever you want to access it
  5. Make sure to use Sports VPN whenever you want to use the Game Pass

How to Watch NFL Games Online With a VPN?

It’s very easy to watch NFL games online with a VPN. Follow these steps and you are good to go.

Step # 1: Buy a subscription from one of our recommended providers by simply clicking on the “Buy Now” link.

Step # 2: Download the VPN client for your device from the provider’s website or Google or iTunes store.

Step # 3: Connect to the country server where your desired channel is accessible.

Step # 4: Click on your desired channel from the list of “Online Broadcasters” given below.

Tadaa! Enjoy every game live as if you are physically present in the stadium.

Here is the comprehensive list of channels already prepared for you.

Where to Watch NFL Live Stream?

We have crafted a comprehensive list of all online broadcasters based in different regions.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch NFL Games Online?

In the aforementioned list, most channels are restricted to their home-country only. If you reside outside that country, you cannot access that channel. Some of the channels don’t even require any subscription, you can just type the URL and start watching football, but again, it may require a home-country IP to grant you the access.

Home-country IP can be a big problem for those who do not reside in that country or are travelling to another country. To overcome such problems, you will need a VPN.

The best sports VPN offers you IPs from different regions so you can easily access regional content online. A sports VPN also offers you complete security and privacy on the internet. And, no one can spy on you, not even your ISP if you are connected to a Sports VPN.

There are hundreds of VPNs that promise to deliver the best streaming of sports channels. But not all of them deliver as they promise. You can select any VPN provider to watch NFL games online, but we highly recommend PureVPN since it has the largest VPN network in the world and offers fastest streaming speed.

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