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Watch Tennis Online From Anywhere in the World

Tennis is undoubtedly one of the most elegant sports in the world with fans crossing millions. It is for sure that playing tennis needs technique, strength and charisma while watching tennis is a pleasure of its own kind. People from around the globe love to see their favorite players and maestros competing in the court and battling hard to be victorious. The induction of lawn tennis in Olympics was appreciated by many and is now a regular part of the summer Olympic Games.

This year as well, maestros from around the globe representing their respective nations will compete for the Olympic glory with the aim to induct themselves in one of the games great. Similarly, the fans from around the world will be waiting to see their favorite players battle around. You can watch tennis event of Rio Olympics 2016 live online through official broadcasters in your respective country or you can also watch tennis online through live streaming.

Watch Tennis Online Live

Despite the fact that there are millions of fans of this classy game, but not every fan is lucky enough to catch every bit of its action on TV. This is the main reason why fans prefer to watch tennis online so they can keep up with all the happenings in the world of tennis. Still, there are many hurdles like geographic restrictions, slow streaming speed, etc. that bar fans from enjoying live action of this sport online.

Here’s the list of the all the major online channels where you can watch Olympics online from any location on earth using the best VPN!

Country Channel
USA NBC (2 hrs Delayed)
Australia Seven Network (FREE)
Brazil Rede Globo, ESPN, Fox Sports
Canada CBC (FREE)
France Canal+, FranceTV (FREE)
Germany ARD, ZDF (FREE)
Russia C1R, VGTRK, NTV Plus
Austria ORF (FREE)
Ireland RTE (FREE)
Italy Sky Italia, Rai
India Star Sports (FREE)
Czech Republic CT (FREE)
New Zealand Sky TV

Since you are such a tennis fan, we have come up with the most suitable solution to help you enjoy tennis live streaming from any location on earth with the best VPN. Just make sure that you choose the best VPN for sports and we are going to help you narrow your search!




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Tennis Live Streaming With A VPN?

If you know about the channel where a tennis match is being broadcasted online, then you won’t have to go through a lot. Just follow these simple steps and you can watch Tennis online without any hassles from any location on earth!

Step # 1: Buy your VPN account from the best VPN provider mentioned in the table above.

Step # 2: Download the VPN app on your device. You can get the app from the providers’ website or other official stores.

Step # 3: Choose your desired country and connect VPN.

Step # 4: Now visit the channel from the list of above.

Here you go. Enjoy Tennis live streaming and watch every game live from your own country without any hassles or restrictions! 

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Tennis Online?

There are many online channels where you can watch Tennis online, but all the channels are only accessible in limited countries. Tennis fans around the world are restricted to watch Tennis online on those channels which are not globally available.

So, if you want to access a channel to watch Tennis online from your country, but the streaming on that channel is not available in your region, then you will see a messages like ‘blocked content’ or ‘not available in your region’. You have to be present in that country to watch Tennis online.

The best way to access such websites is by changing your IP address and it is a known fact that VPN is the best tool for it. It doesn’t only mask your IP and assigns you a new one of your desired country, but it also keeps you anonymous on the web. So, this is the reason why you need a VPN to watch Tennis online, but make sure that you get the best VPN for sports!