Kodi, today, is employed by cord cutters who have given up on using the traditional cable service and are more into the modern methods of streaming their favorite channels and content online. Likewise, UFC fans also employ Kodi to live stream their favorite fighting bouts at popular UFC events.

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  • UFC Pay per view
  • Watch UFC on Kodi for free!
  • Best UFC Addon of Kodi
  • Watch Pay Per View on Kodi at cheap rates
  • Watch UFC on Firestick with Kodi
  • Stream UFC on Kodi with a VPN

UFC Pay Per View (PPV)

Back in 1993, Art Davie proposed that there should be a tournament that features Jujitsu, as well as martial-arts and masters of various disciplines such as Karate, Kung Fu, and Kickboxing.

The proposed tournament was then named “The War of the Worlds,” and was pitched to various media houses including TVKO (HBO), SET (Showtime), and Campbell McLaren, until SET accepted the proposal and agreed to give birth to, what today is called, the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

UFC, today, is one of the most popular sporting events in the world. UFC has held over 400 events, featuring the best fighters from around the globe.

Stream UFC On Kodi For Free!

Kodi has gained popularity among cord cutters of all sorts. Naturally, UFC fans have also started streaming their favorite championship bouts on Kodi. There are dozens of add-ons available on Kodi that deal exclusively with UFC viewers. And all this exclusive content is available for free!


These add-ons stream live matches, as well as some of the older but most popular fighting bouts from the UFC arena. Those who want to watch UFC on Kodi are in for luck as they can now live stream their favorite matches on the platform after reading the guide written below.

In case you don’t  know how to install on Kodi: Ultimate Guide of Kodi

Best UFC Addon of Kodi

Before we move on to the streaming part, we’d like to list down some of the most popular add-ons on Kodi to stream UFC events. Installing these add-ons will allow you to watch UFC on Kodi for free!

  • Planet MMA
  • UFC Fight Pass on Kodi
  • SportsDevil [not working on Kodi Krypton]
  • Made in Canada IPTV
  • Planet MMA

Formerly remembered as “UFC Finest,” Planet MMA is one of the best Kodi add-ons. This add on gives access to an incredible amount of old and new UFC content.

The add-on is extremely user-friendly and well laid out. You just have to pick out the fight you want to watch and enjoy your favorite bouts with ease.

A major con of using this add-on is that it has no new numbered fights.  Fights which are usually only available on Pay-Per-View are not available on this add-on, despite being available on other UFC add-ons.

However, it still possesses a massive catalogue of UFC fights, including every single episode of UFC Fight Night and Ultimate Fighter being available for stream on this add-on.

  • UFC Fight Pass on Kodi

We all know about UFC Fight Pass and how it can be used to watch PPV events live online. Though it’s not free, UFC Fight Pass broadcasts PPV events live online at best speeds.

If you own a UFC Fight Pass, then Kodi is the best place where you can watch it. With its brilliant UI, and dozens of streaming options, Kodi is no doubt the best platform on which to stream your favorite content online.

You can easily find the UFC Fight Pass add-on through Portse repository, which is available on Github.

  1. After installing Github repository > Addon > Enter Addon Browser > Install from Repository
  2. Portse’s Addon Repository > plugin.video.ufcfightpass-master.zip
  3. All Done, now you can legally with your fight pass stream UFC

The addon is created for the purpose of avoid blackout restriction in your region. UFC don’t prefer it’s digital subscriber to use the subscription with any other App. Indeed, the blackout region can also be bypass via KODI VPN

  • Made in Canada IPTV

Made in Canada IPTV is another unexclusive UFC add-on. It doesn’t specifically deal with UFC fans, but still provides extremely fast and stunningly good streams to its viewers.

There are plenty of channels on this add-on from where you can stream UFC events live online. If you know where to look, you’ll find this add-on extremely helpful.

  • SportsDevil

SportsDevil is a popular Kodi add-on. Though, not dedicated to UFC content, you can live stream a whole lot of sports content via this add-on. It possesses a big inventory of sports stream. The only problem here is that it is difficult to find the stream you’re looking for.

Not user-friendly at all, it’s still rated among the best UFC add-on for Kodi.

Watch UFC PPV On Kodi At Cheap

Before you purchase PPV subscription or Fight Pass, there’s one hack which will come in real handy.

To save a couple of bucks off your wallet, we want you to know that UFC subscriptions are available for different prices in each country. For example, if the UFC Fight Pass costs $59.99 in Britain, the same Fight Pass may be available for as low as $24.99 in Turkey. That’s $35 bucks less than the original amount for British viewers! To understand more about this hack head to Watch UFC in Cheap price

You can take advantage of this incredible price difference by using a VPN. A VPN allows you to change your IP address from your own country to the one of your choice. This means that you can travel to the country of your choice virtually and take advantage of cheap prices available in that region.

Watch UFC On Kodi with a VPN

If you’re really looking forward to streaming your favorite content on Kodi, we recommend that you subscribe to a streaming VPN service. A VPN allows you to access geo-blocked content from any country in the world.

No matter if a particular website is blocked, or if it is unavailable due to restrictions placed by your government, you can still access that website or channel after connecting with a streaming VPN service.

You’ll just have to connect to any country where that website or channel is available, and you’ll be able to access that website/channel with ease.

And you can take advantage of any price differences offered by UFC in different countries.

We recommend that you subscribe to the VPN services mentioned below before you start to watch UFC on Kodi.

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Food For Thoughts

Kodi itself is an open source software and the aforementioned Addons to watch UFC are unofficial which means they’re third party & sometimes don’t guarantee a stream. It better to use to KODI VPN to stay secured and stream the content anonymously.

Moreover in the case of UFC event all the streamer from all over the world try to access to same Addons which certainly doesn’t entertain you because of the occupancy and you won’t end up in disappointment  by watching the fight.

In the same case KODI VPN helps you to access Kodi with multiple  servers of different countries so in this case if someone from Russia let’s say could find the working channel may get the same channel working from Malaysia.

These are few wonders KODI VPN can does which indeed is a best solution to be compatible with KODI