Watch Winter Olympics 2018 Online

Ninety countries will participate in the 102 events at this year’s Winter Olympics. The popular winter event will begin on Friday, 9th February, and shall continue until Sunday, 25th February 2018.

Those who remember the famous jump pulled off by Eddie “The Eagle” will know how important and entertaining the Winter Games can be.

After two unsuccessful bids for the 2010 and 2014 Winter Olympic Games, PyeongchangSouth Korea, finally got to host the 2018 Winter Olympics.

How to watch Winter Olympics 2018 stream live online?

For many of us, South Korea is too far away – almost at the edge of this world. The winter temperatures in South Korea fall way below zero for anyone to think of it as a convenient traveling destination.

It’s always better to watch Winter Olympics from home, instead of watching the games live from the stadium. Apart from all the convenience you get from the comforts of your living room, you actually get a better view of what is happening from your TV.


Streaming Winter Olympics online isn’t difficult if you have access to the channels broadcasting the event. Problem comes when you find yourself geo-blocked from accessing these channels online.

For various reasons, the broadcasting channels keep the content geo-restricted. Residents of only some countries are allowed to access the channel on the internet. This is done majorly to benefit other brands who’ve bought copyright licenses to broadcast the games in their country.

Fortunately for sports fans, they can watch Winter Olympics 2018 from anywhere, despite all the geo-restrictions in place. To bypass any geo-restrictions, all you require is a streaming VPN service and you’ll be able to watch Winter Olympics 2018 online without any hassles.


You can check for channels broadcasting the games from the table below. To access any geo-blocked channels from the list below, we suggest that you follow the steps below:

  1. Subscribe to a Sports VPN
  2. Install the VPN app on your preferred device or system.
  3. Select the server location where a channel is available.
  4. Visit any channel from the list below.
  5. Watch Winter Olympics 2018 online for free!

Where To Watch Winter Olympics 2018 online?

Here is the list of all online channels where you can watch the Winter Olympics 2018 live online. You can choose any channel based on your preference and language. If in case your preferred channel is restricted at your location, you can still access it easily via a VPN.

TV ChannelCountry
BBC iPlayerUnited Kingdom
Rai TVItaly
Channel 7Australia
ARD & ZDFGermany
DR TVDenmark
France TVFrance
RTVE Spain
Star SportsAsia
TV 2 Norway
Bein SportsMiddle East
Sky Sports New Zealand

Watch Winter Olympics 2018 Online with a VPN

While accessing any of the above channels, you’ll notice that they’re only accessible from selected regions. This is why you’ll need a VPN to access these channels and watch Winter Olympics 2018 online.

A Sports VPN service is the best solution in such cases. It changes your IP location to the country of your choice, allowing you to bypass all geo-restrictions.


If you reside in Asia and want to access a European sports channel, you can change your IP to that particular country and get direct access to its services despite the geo-restrictions.

The Internet is littered with dozens of useless VPN services. A bulk of these are of no use at all, with features and services which are awful and sometimes even dangerous.

To watch Winter Olympics 2018 online, we recommend you subscribe to any of the VPN services mentioned below. These VPN services will allow you to stream the Winter Olympics 2018 at best speed, while also safeguarding your privacy and anonymity on the web.