Watch Wrestling Online – The Ultimate Live Streaming Guide

Wrestling is among the preliminary sports of Rio Olympics 2016 and is one of the oldest sports in the competition. The sport was first inducted in 1896 and later it became a compulsory sport. Freestyle wrestling is not as simple as people perceive it but it is a fascinating mix of complex tactics. The combat is tough and can be brutal at the same time depending on the hands involved in the game.  A game involving holds and throws where opponents grab each other in an attempt to gain the better of each other to score more points; wrestling is a treat to watch.

It’s an old sport but involves technique, stamina and brute, which is hard to find in any modern day sport. Despite being an old-school phenomenon, fans of this sport number in millions and the sport is watched globally with many countries competing in freestyle wrestling in search of an accolade. Wrestling in Rio Olympics will be broadcasted through suggested channels and the list is presented below:

Country Channel
Australia Seven Network (FREE)
Brazil Rede Globo, ESPN, Fox Sports
Canada CBC (FREE)
France Canal+, FranceTV (FREE)
Germany ARD, ZDF (FREE)
Russia C1R, VGTRK, NTV Plus
Austria ORF (FREE)
Ireland RTE (FREE)
Italy Sky Italia, Rai
India Star Sports (FREE)
Czech Republic CT (FREE)
New Zealand Sky TV

How to Live Stream Wrestling?

However, if you are facing trouble in watching wrestling online as none of these broadcasters are present in your country and live streaming is also becoming a challenging task due to geo-restrictions, then you must turn towards a VPN. A sport VPN will help you overcome this issue and help you take full pleasure in watching the sport. A VPN provides a hassle-free experience and you can enjoy your favorite sport with total comfort. To choose the best VPN provider for live streaming wrestling, here’s the list with ratings in order to make it easier for you to select:

In order to watch wrestling online and without any hassle, all you need to do is follow these three simple steps: 

  1. Get yourself a VPN from the suggested list.
  2. Download the app of your selected VPN provider.
  3. Insert your credentials and get connected.



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Why use a VPN?

VPN is by far the most effective solution available for live streaming and unblocking all sort of digital content. It is worth nothing that a VPN enables you to bypass all sorts of geo-restrictions by changing your IP address and keeps you anonymous while you are viewing your online content. So, when you will be watching wrestling in Rio Olympics 2016 through live streaming using a VPN your privacy and security will not be at stake.

Another point to consider is that a VPN allows you to get rid of all the unnecessary advertisements that you witness while live streaming. Get a VPN like PureVPN and enjoy a smooth live streaming experience. Don’t forget, PureVPN is your key to live stream Rio Olympics 2016 conveniently and without any hassle.