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Streaming sports is one of the most convenient ways for many to see their preferred action happen anywhere they are. The convenience is such that there is no need for a television screen and you get to watch your events happen almost anywhere.

The downside is, however, presented when there are a variety of issues that bug your streaming experience. Having looked at the troubles that are being faced by sports viewers from all over the world, we believe the key to a successful streaming session – anytime and anywhere – is using a good VPN.

Why Use A VPN To Watch Sports?

If you are wondering how this applies, some of the things worth considering are the:

  • National firewall problems

Several countries around the world have firewalls in place to prevent their citizens from accessing a select range of websites and services on the internet.

With these types of geo-restrictions in place, it might be impossible to watch a sports event happening outside your country (or even state) since your internet connection would be subject to the firewall.

A VPN can easily bypass these geo-blocking protocols, changing your IP to that of another location where the service you’d like to access is very much available.

  • Security of the Network:

Before you go onto the streaming platform, one thing you surely have to do is connect to a network. Another thing you might not know is that your data after connecting is relatively unsecure and can be intercepted by a hacker.

With a VPN, your internet data is protected through:

  • Compression and encapsulating of the data at the point of connection
  • Transferring the data via secure channels between you and the target server
  • Unpacking the data at the target server and not before.

This mode of operation makes it impossible for a hacker to intercept sensitive information that you might be sending on the same network.

  • Preventing ISP throttling

When your stream lags, you might sit around and wait for it to load like most people, but in fact you can get around slow internet speed due to ISP throttling with a VPN. Your internet speed is throttled by your ISP to regulate network traffic and minimize bandwidth congestion, so it comes as no surprise that your bandwidth demand is strictly controlled when streaming HD content.

But with a VPN, your traffic is entirely shielded from your ISP’s prying eyes by data encryption. This makes throttling impossible, giving way to a high-speed and smooth streaming experience.

What Makes A Good Sports Streaming VPN?

Before you go on to choose just about any VPN service provider, you need to understand that not all of them will give you a great time. To make a better-informed decision, you should look out for the following.

  • Fast internet speed: To enjoy what you are streaming, everything has to be happening in real time. So that you don’t miss out on the action and get a poor experience, you would need to go for a VPN service which guarantees fast connectivity speeds
  • Unlimited bandwidth: The bandwidth of your VPN service will determine the amount of data it can transmit at any given time. When the bandwidth is limited, you will be restricted in data transmissions which could lead to reduced speeds. Likewise, connecting multiple devices on a limited bandwidth network will result in poorer speeds.
  • Lots of server locations: When a VPN has servers in a lot of locations, you get the chance to connect to the internet as if you were browsing physically from any of those places. To enjoy game streaming, you should consider a VPN which has access to multiple server locations within the US so you can gain access to state-based and national games alike.
  • Security and Privacy: Streaming games online could expose you, your privacy and data to internet hackers. With the way a VPN operates (model is as described above), you won’t have to worry about your security while enjoying the games.

ExpressVPN Sports Streaming Service Review

ExpressVPN is one of the fastest networks out there. This is proven with the delivery of an 83Mbps speed on a network rated to deliver 100Mbps. That is ensured by the optimized network and unlimited bandwidth possibilities.

Due to its no-logging policy, even the private network provider does not have access to the data you send over the network.

Perhaps the second most important metric after speed is the abundance of server locations which ExpressVPN provides. These servers are installed in 30 different locations spread across 20 cities. That has made it possible for many to view NFL games across the US without restrictions and blackouts.

You will also love the fact that the ExpressVPN platform is beginner-friendly. More than that, the support for multiple platforms means you can set up your streaming on any of your preferred devices, no matter the running software.

ExpressVPN edges out other private network providers for sport streaming on the grounds of being specially optimized to run this service. In fact, they have a dedicated streaming guide page to help ensure you never miss any game. You can also learn how to stream sports with ExpressVPN by using one of their dedicated resources.


The benefits of using a VPN to stream sports far outweigh any reason why you should not consider it. Even if you were not restricted by location, security and other related factors are good enough reasons to get started.

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